Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honesty Blah!

it took me a while to write this down!

I got tagged for the first time by ĐǻñĎõøðñ! It’s an honesty tag which I hate the most! I don’t like talking nor writing about myself but I’ll do my best... I’m going to tag 7 people only and not 10 as Dana did, I’m sticking to the original thing :P

10 things about me.. Ha lemme see!

1. I love food. I love to cook food and i enjoy eating a lot.. ilmoshkila inna when I start eating, specially in restaurants these days I immediately start talking about what's in my dish from spices to dressings, to kilshy... people think inna ana ga3id atfalsaf bas I’m not, I’m simply enjoying every bit of food I’m eating.

2. I always think I’m write, even if I acknowledge later on that I’m not I still stick to my point of view knowing the fact that I’m wrong.. I hate being wrong, tinba6 chabdy.. They call me ilmasri :P because I never say I don't know.. Although, I’m trying my best to be better and not be stubborn at everything.

3. I used to weigh 155 kilos January of last year, and now I’m 88! I did a gastric band operation and dieted with it at the same time to lose the weight... ( I know I said this a lot)

4. i always think I’m the best in my major which is marketing, and 3indy thiqa 3amya2 inna there is nobody else like me in my university. because i was so confident before graduating, il dicatra believe that I’m one of the good students :P --- being honest is so so hard.

5. wayid ajamil innas lately, oo I pretend that I like everyone, oo awazi3 ibtisamat left and right wherever i go, ba3dain I go back home or to my friends, and talk about everything and everyone at7al6am 3alaihom.

6. I’ve been having these weird phone calls for the last two days from a girl that I don't know and she keeps calling me wanting to talk and stuff, so I told her I’m engaged, although I’m not. I told her I’m engaged and she's still calling! What's up with Kuwaiti girls these days?!! What’s happening?

7. I go on a daily basis to starbucks kaifan or coffee republic free trade zone to have my special skimmed latte which I absolutely love. No sugar and no added caramel. I love the bitterness of coffee.

8. I’m a Facebook addict for 2 years or 3 now, I had my Facebook Account when no one else had it just few of my friends in AUK. ba3dain Kuwaitis discovered it! I love Facebooking and commenting on people’s pictures... and the most important thing is that I DONT ADD NOR ACCEPT RANDOM PEOPLE. Kuwaitis think that Facebook is for meeting people; instead it’s actually for staying in touch with people that you don’t see everyday and people you already know!

9. I entered the Blogsphere out of boredom because I had nothing else better to do, bas I grew a fond of it.. I used to think that Bloggers had no life sitting in front of a PC and write to people and talk about whatever they wanna talk about! Bas after my second post I discovered that there is a whole life beneath it, a fun one! And I don’t like when I comment somewhere, on someone's Blog, they do not reply to my comment!

10. I keep telling my mom that I wanna apply for masters in London for this January, but the fact is that I know that there is no time for it now, so I’m going to apply For this upcoming April. The reason behind this is that I want her to back off a bit from telling me that I should work and not stay at home. I mean I graduated early in three years so I could have some freedom.. I love you yumma :*

By the way, I just, discovered that I write a lot of I’s in my sentences!

And now the hard part which is tagging people, I’m so sorry :P

again my apologies :P

till next time,



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

#5 --> ive been doing that alot too =\
except im trying to stop and cant!! =S

#6 --> is SCARY!! ambaih 9ij fee nas ma yeste7oon =S
u want my advice? 5al bnaya tred 3laiha oo she'll run like theres no tomorrow...
enna kaydahonna 3atheem ;Pp

#8 --> was addicted to facebook too, nafs ms gelt before all the kuwaities found it =S
lma 9ar ylawe3 elchabd oo yo9alny a million requests everyday, i just stopped facebooking. al7en i just facebook like once a week, 6ab3an that addiction replced by blogging lol ;)

#9 --> i started blogging during my finals last year because i wanted to at7al6am...oo like you said, i just got addicted! =D

it was really nice reading your list btw =D

Think-Become said...

dandooon, i know #6 halaga il wath3, lawwa3at chabdy bas she stopped calling now for the time being we'll see how it goes.

glad you liked it.. tried ti find the best things i could think of.

libero anima said...

looooooool ! ..

i have the same i'm always right trait =p .. w a3aaaaned wayed =p

one of the good dtudents huh ? ;) ..

hehe wish you the best of luck !

Pink Cubes said...

I'm tagged! YAY.
Will do! ;)

I was addicted to FaceBook bs b3dain I had to delete it min il maskhara eli sarat when they found it :(

Neoark said...

dude, i wanna learn cooking :p

you can teach me!!!

about marketing i heard you need 2 years experience first before you go and take masters.

eshda3wa said...

i love food too!

i need to lose a few pounds but cant be bothered so good for u!

and theqa is good

but too much of t can turn against u!

Think-Become said...

libero anima: yeah, i used to be one of the students that ricks professors, thank god i graduated. thanks, the best of luck to you too :)
pink cubes: yes you're tagged! you don't have to delete, just increase your privacy setting and reject any anonymous friend requests.
Neoark: im not much of a teacher in cooking bas ill give you an advice, if you decide to cook lets say for example a steak which i love to grill, go in to the kitchen, and open th espices cabinet and look what best suites your taste.. will you marinade it or not.. marinading it in olive oil or balsamic or even non alcoholic chardonnay?!!! are you going to add some dried thyme or oregano? mustard? so really, it depends on the persons taste of food.

regarding the masters, the university is called middlesex university and its in london and thank god they do not require work experience although it is preferable. my friend just got accepted and im applying soon once i finish the papers.
eshda3wa: yeah food is comforting to me,

i'll give you a quick advice to lose these few pounds.

breakfast: one toast with low fat cheese and any kind of veggie

lunch: a piece of chicken, meat, or fish, with a large bowl of salad to fill you stomach, with a light dressing done at home to insure minimum calories!

Dinner: if not hungry that's great, if you are just have another salad

Between meals: one piece of fruit between meals if you're feeling hungry and no drinking juice or soda only water and fresh juices.. the concentrated juices contain a lot of sugar...

wish you all the luck eshda3wa :)

Charmbracelet said...

9- i started blogging last year =) i love it=)

loool ma9rry ! 3ad i hate that bil ma9arwa!=p in ma9r a year ago when we ask them for directions loo shnu ma egool ma a3ariif ! ewadiina 6reej '3ala6 wala egool i dont know!=O lol

8- facebook sucks ! i keep in touch with my friends msn ! mala da3ii facebook !uggh! the ways people take advantage of it !


Think-Become said...

charmbracelet: yeah they call me il masri bas its been a while since i've heard this.

about facebook, i do not join stupid groups except if they were private and i do not add nor accept random people.its just plain simple and my facebook has been the same since the day i took it!

Anonymous said...

Number 3 is a big achievement :)

nice tag and now its my turn to post :)

Think-Become said...

thanks, looking forward for your post Amu

A Journal Entry said...

lol @ ma9ri!!!!!

i do that as well! specially bil dirasah.. i always beleive in 7ally lil masa2il ;p

Think-Become said...

yeah, me 2 wayid A3ANID inna im right and my answers are too :P

Neoark said...

hmmm... steak......*drools*

well, you can cook, and you won't have problem there in london...

in my case, come after three weeks, you'll find dead corpse and from look of it starving to death :p