Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Afghanistan Elections, is it real?

hello everyone,

London is good, and the weather is perfect from my own point of view.


Afghanistan elections is close, and I am a bit excited to see who's going to win with the most public vote. This elections is going to show what the population of Afghanistan really wants. As the secretary of state Hilary Clinton mentioned, this election is Important during this time of war in Afghanistan.

Now, what would happen if the public vote of the population didn't meet the expectations of the US, and the United kingdom. Would the same thing that happened in Palestine with Hamas religious/political group happen in Afghanistan?

The majority of seats in the parliament of Palestine was taken by Hamas with the help of the public vote, but the western world refused the fact that Hamas won, although the elections represented what the population really wants....

Those are some thoughts that I am currently having these days, please share your thoughts with me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

going to london eh?

check this bl0g! ive been reading it as a silent reader for a while now until today! his name is abdulla

on friday , going there to apply for graduate studies in london.

applications are ready, transcripts are printed, and im spiritually ready!


ill be taking some pictures here and there and ill be posting them later on when i come back from my trip.

i wont be away for long, so dont forget me !

p.s. if you need anything from london, قولولي please tell me

 Best regards,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam

Monday, July 6, 2009


sometimes i feel i make a big deal out of nothing

sometimes when there is a big deal i step back

i'm not facing any depression phases il 7emdilla these days

i discovered that i should be thankful to wake up everyday having a normal life

working on my plan for masters these days

making it an important matter in my life for the next few months

i need to have a break these days from my social life


Abdulrazzaq S. Al Musallam