Saturday, January 31, 2009

the end of a good weekend

I had a good weekend where i went to MAKI twice(although not a big fan of it but rather a fan of Sakura, Wasabi, and KEI) and to several other places for lunches and dinner.... the weather was just amazing today at 3pm when I had lunch at Maki marina and sat outside watching the little ones do the rock climbing thing... 


I ordered Lost series season three and four to catch up on season five,  I stopped watching it about 2 years ago where i got busy with university and just forgot to watch... the best thing about it is that the guys comes to your house and deliver the CD's, how great!


the thought of taking masters is coming back to me again, if I go inshalla, it might me next year(2010) in January at Middlesex in London, or in April at Aberdeen university in Scotland.


Has anyone tried iltetto Italian restaurant in marina waves? I’ve heard so much about it, some people said it is good bas today my cousin went there and did not like it... galat inna ma yiswa killish!!! If you tried it, please let me know.... I’m gonna try it anyway bas i want someone to give me an overview of the place.



I have few friends in real life, and I mean very close friends, and just today I have decided that I’m happy and really satisfied and il7imdilla I do not need to know more people.. 6ab3an it doesn't hurt to get to know new people and become new friends with them bas I’m sticking with this crowd that I love and can't bear to lose!


till next time,



Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grumpy's Tag!

Thank you Neoark for the tag

Mention, put picture of any grumpy person!, 3 things that just abnormal, 2 things irritates you, 1 trigger your anger, 3 of pe

ople you can't live without, 2 of people you don't want to see, 1 of your favorite food, 3 of your favorite song, Tag only 5 person.


Abnormal stuff:

1.         I wake up during my sleep, check my blog and email and go back to sleep again

2.         I have a fake smile on my face all the time, so I wont look like this cookie!

3.         I feel ABNORMAL when anyone kissed me on my cheecks, ya3ni lama his/her lips are on my cheecks!


Irritating stuff:

1.         when someone enters my room or uses my stuff without permission

2.         when people ask me stupid questions one after one, and keeps on repeating the question and I answer: I don’t know, but they keep on asking as if the answer is gonna fall from the sky


Anger trigger:

1.         When someone doesn’t tell me the truth or talk behind my back or lie, I really really get mad and angry


people I can't live without:. I had to include more than 3

1.         Mama, and my family

2.         Bader

3.         Hamad

4.         Nasser


 people I don't want to see:

1.         people with perfect bodies ( I just hate them :P)

2.         our stupid driver that thinks he knows everything


Favorite food:

1.         3aish lim6abbag, I just lobe the rice. Not too crazy with the fish bas 3aish lim6abbag is just kahyal…. Bas in the international I love everything


Favorite songs:

1.         Hajartak, Om Kalthoom

2.         kulli dah kan laih, Mohammed Abdulwahab

3.         strangers in the night, Frank Sinatra


 5 people to tag:

1.         Charmbracelet

2.         Journal Entry

3.         Hottie

4.         Dandooon

5.         8bits-of-coffe

congratulation you're grumpy!!




Wednesday, January 28, 2009

in school segregation

I arrived early today to my job, so i thought that this is the best time to write the post, since i'm going to be busy all day... i promise to check your blogs tonight...



            Why now? Why did they decide to segregate now and implement it in the last few years? Why not from the beginning? What made them take this decision?


            Those are all questions that I’m eager to know the answer for them, but unfortunately, since there is no studied plan for implementing segregation, I don't think that there will be good answers to the questions that I have...


            Ok, so you (whoever you are) decided to segregate, that’s fine, I don’t really mind, but why not segregate the work field too.. The reason behind the segregation law is to not mix both genders in one place. 


            so how come we(in the private sector) after graduation, we work in a co-work environment. Ya3ni I believe that the age does not matter in these situations but rather (التربية) and the way we were brought up by our parents.


            the consequences of implementing the segregation in classes, is leading to the lack of classes in ones major or department, which will then result in the delay of ones graduation date... or what would happen is that the student might have to take summer courses each year to graduate on time,.


            So basically students are studying all year long for a mistake that they didn't commit.


انا ما أقول لا تطبقون نظام الفصل في الجامعات، و لكن إذا بتطبقونه، لازم إكون في كل الاستعدادات اللازمة، جامعة الكويت اللي اهيه جامعة الكويت مو قادرة تطبق هذا النظام في كل كلياتها و بصورة صحيحة، ف شلون يتوقعون إن الجامعات الخاصة اللي اهمه حديثي الولاده مثل الخليج و الأمريكية و غيرها إن يطبقون قانون منع الاختلاط مع مصادر محدودة من قبل هذه الجامعات


طبعا المصادر المحدودة هني اهي ان في حرم جامعي واحد، قلة الفصول الدراسية، و قلة البروفيسورز بالجامعة، مما يؤدي إلى تدني المستوى الدراسي و غيرها من المعوقات التي تواجه الجامعات من وراء تطبيق هذا القانون


I’d like to know your point of view of segregation in schools and universities, its impact, what needs to be done, and is it possible to change it 

p.s. illy yaby yi5tirib, yi5tirib oo ohwa ga3id fi mukana, 3ala 7asab ettarbia wil sana3.... mala shighil il i5tilaaa6 billy ga3id eseeer hal ayyam!





Sunday, January 25, 2009

a picture is not only a picture, its an interpretation of emotions!

i want a hippie outfit, i think being a hippie is great.... i wanna be in his place right now!


i watched yes man, jim carey's movie yesterday with one of my friends, it was fine bas i could've watched it on DVD instead. the last time i went to the cinema was last october so it has been a while... i kinda felt that i missed it, was fun going there...

had this amazing meal at johny's ..... ate this rocket single burger which was just amazing....

anyways, my next post is going to be about segregation of schools in kuwait... i think you guys would just love it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's the weekend

the first day on the job was tuesday which was boring,, no no its was so so so  boring, i was on rotations and i hated accounting a lot.

 the second day was in accounting too till 3pm where i decided to take action, and i did and without any details at 3pm i took my real job the marketing department job!

today was actually fun, the more i had work the more i was having more fun... for some reason  i love working and i do not know how did i stay for 7 months with anything to do!!

im really excited about this job but i'm more excited about the weekend. i have lots of things to do:

1- master nasfat il ghitra (shakli filim)

2- ashoof rab3y illy min zeman mo rayi7 lihom, not the daily friends but the monthly ones

3- get some sleep

4- visit some cafe and restaurants as usual

5- play kout, hand, nithala, sibeeta, tricks, whatever is possible

6- practice on my fake smile to make it look more real

that's it for tonight... have a good weekend,


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

بعد أقل من سبع ساعات

أخيرا مثل ما اتعرفون ان انا توظفت و ان شاء الله بعد كم ساعه أوقع العقد... ما أكذب عليكم بس أحلى ما في الشغله مكانهه.. المكان بالصالحيه!! فحدي مستانس :)

hopefully tomorrow is not my first day on the job... inshalla tomorrow would be only signing a contract and thats it..


the question is: mino e3arf about how to market real estate? because i don't hopefully i'll learn on the job!!!

another question: do you guys think i talk in english all the time? i don't, the only time i use english is when i order food or when im writing a post...

i leave you with one of the old songs of om kalthoom that i got addicted to at an earlier age when i was 15!!!



Monday, January 19, 2009

Favourite Tag

i was tagged by desertpalms, thank you so much :D

Rules: So how this works is you guys add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people =)

 Favourite colour: blue

Favourite getaway place: my own khaima


Favourite perfume (guys): dior bas no the sport one the one before it


 Favourite perfume (girls): can’t remember the name its sisley’s something 

Favourite pj brand: don’t have one, I wear a short or some light trousers with a comfy t-shirt

 Favourite clothes brand in general: don’t have a specific brand but I love shorts!

Favourite person in the entire world: my three best best friends, Nasser, hamad and bader

 Favourite country (not including your own): Lebanon

Favourite car:  my car, a srt8 jeep

Favourite sport: is eating c0nsidered a sport? :P

Favourite sport player: none, not a big fan of sports

Favourite spot in Kuwait: I’d have to say il bidi3 (ilma6a3im)

Favourite animal: a dog

Favourite movie: don’t laugh but its Matilda

 Favourite singer: om kalthoom, nathim il ghazali, abdulhaleem, asalah, frank Sinatra, adele, amy winehouse(not sure of the spelling), abdulmajeed,  abady il jawhar, and a lot more… oh oh and Britney bitch!

 Favourite day in the week: for some reason its thursday

 Favourite time of the day: sunset

Favourite holiday season: summer

Favourite number: 3

Favourite food: food that I cook, sushi, Italian, heck its every plate that is delicious.. and Lebanese too

Favourite chocolate: Cadbury dairy milk the purple one

Favourite cartoon: wadi il aman

Favourite blogger =p:  honestly it’s everyone who’s on my blog roll.

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: strawberry cheese cake, chocolate fudge, Belgian chocolate, praline and cream

*Favourite actress:  keira knightly

I tag everyone on my list, seriously! Do not wanna leave anyone out of this, i enjoying reading about people.. y’all have to do this




i dont like tags a lot, i like just to write my post without thinking.. tags makes me think, and thinking makes my brain work, and when my brain work i have a headache!

 i've been tagged by DesertPalms  ,the music i write and Hottie , thank you both.. although im sticking to deserpalms picture, i like it more :P

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10.  F. says

Here are the rules to my awardees!

1. Post the logo on your blog
already did
2. Add link to the person who awarded it to you
done that
3. Award up to 10 blogs
4. Add links to those blogs in your award post
you can check find them in my blogs that i follow
5. Leave a message for awardee on their blog
will do


Sunday, January 18, 2009

i've changed my name

So I decided to change my url address to


... I actually didn't like the name think-become... nobody understood what it means, which meant think so you can become who ever you are...


I’ve changed my name too, to on-the-rocks, when I comment on people's post




I’m going to call the chairman tomorrow to see when I am going to sign the contract...




I hate il za7ma these days, and its funny how they block all roads as if we regular people don’t exist or do not have a life!!




My friend is back home for the weekend and we're having dinner at his house...




I’m thinking of going to Lebanon in March for a weekend




Till next time,


Abdulrazzaq (previously   think-become)

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes, I got accepted!


I had an interview yesterday, Thursday the 15th of January at Salhiya complex in Shuwaikh Gate Real Estate Company. I was interviewed for a marketing job at 2.30pm, finished the interview with the application and everything at 3.45, and went back home after the chairman have said:


inta maqbool mabda2eeyan bas I have to talk to the executive manager...


At around 8:15pm I had a call from the chairman himself, saying that I am accepted and I think I have to sign a contract this Sunday! I can't believe I am going to work very soon.


The best thing about this job and this company is that I am the first one to be hired with a marketing major for a marketing position. So I am basically the only person in the marketing department... I like this :P 


It is so exciting to feel that I’m heading a department :P thiqa  7addi I know:P


Bas don't worry you guys I’m not going to stop blogging.. My time won't change, after midnight every other day or so  :D


Best of luck y'all



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bacher in like 8 hours :P

im going to wake up at 9am sharp, take a shower and wear my DISHDASHA which i dont normally wear, la oo ba3ad with a GHITRA!!!

im gonna print a couple of my C.V.'s to apply to KFH and Boubyan bank... 

then im gonna head to AUK, pick up my transcripts, finish my brother's work since i am the one registering classes for him and stuff, going to declare his major, then catch up with some old friends...

later maybe at noonish,  im going to drink some coffee with my friends at salmiya bas haven't decided where. the reason behind this is that the weather is amazing at noon oo the sun is warm..

after that i have nothing to do for the rest of the day!!! how boring is it being unemplyed!!

bloggers, give me something fun to do!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

amazing bbq + garga

we had this amazing bbq last night, it was a bit clouded so we were worried but thank god the sky became clear.... there were a lot of things to choose from and i was the one who brought the chicken which i marinaded... the chicken was great :P

my new lucky number is 3, although it was the number 7 min gabil...

my friend is coming to kuwait not this weekend, but the weekend after, hopefully (we're waiting)


i need to get a job. i'm  seriously stressing about getting a job these days as soon as possible, im sick of having nothing to do. i know that everyone is wishing to be in my place right now having nothing to do but seriously, having nothing to do is boring!!!

its been a while since i've argued with my youngest sister! i miss the arguing so much, its a part of my life now,, i think im gonna push her tomorrow to have my daily in take...

one honest thing about me: im so random oo killa ayeeb isuwalif madry min wain oo bidoon ay ma3na!!

another thing honest about me: i interrupt a lot... i have this habit bas im trying my best not to do it..

till next time,

TATAA and good night for me i guess,


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day ONE of My Diet.. A Real Healthy Diet.

I’m heading to sleep now, since I haven't slept for more than 36 hours... bas before going to sleep id like to share with you my new obsession which is not gaining any weight and counting every calorie I eat.... I suffered today because I ate lots of food, fatty full of carbohydrates food.


I’m not saying I didn't enjoy bas I have to limit myself.. ya3ny my body would have fat cells for the rest of my life, its in my genes fa I have to live a healthy diet my whole life with a little of 5arabee6 once in a while!


I’m going to try to have as minimum of Fat and Carbohydrates as possible. 

My breakfast is going to be a slice of brown toast with sylphide cheese


Lunch is definitely going to be a sautéed vegetables dish with chicken, meat or fish depending on my mood and craving!!!


And dinner is a salad, or itha mish-tihy akil something different I would have a small portion of mashwiyyat!!


I’m not used to this, bas I’m going to try not to drink while I’m eating , and to chew my food properly as much as I can.


I'm having my gastric band(ta7zeem or 7alaqah) removed with my gal bladder(ilmarara feeha 7a9am) this month bas i don't know when!

till next time,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

ti7il6iming and commenting on life

Update: must see -mate post for today! its about arabs unity... see all 4 video clips and you'll thank me

i suddenly can't stop eating, im really putting a tight leash on myself in order not to eat a lot nor eating bad stuff. im trying my best to eat as healthy as possible with smaller portions than usual since im not doing any exercises lately!


enough about me, AUK's car boot sale is today. it starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. if you have time, come and visit, it is worth it and actually fun.. if ever happen to be there ask about abdulrazzaq, most of them know me :P


today is our match with Iraq, inshalla infooz 3ashan to be in the finals..... i don't know what time it is going to be because i haven't read the newspaper yet bas im guessing 7ish.


Viva's service is crap, when calling from viva to viva sometimes its fine and sometimes its not.. bas when calling wataniya or zain it gives me headache..


i don't like to get involved in politics... bas laih ommita we don't have a 7ukooma?


bas thats all o have to say... 

P.S. to all the blogs i follow, some of you are becoming lazy bloggers.



Friday, January 9, 2009

Astra Lounge

I love Astra Lounge. The place is amazing, I give their food a 4 out of 5. I usually sit outside since the weather is amazing these days, not too cold. if you felt a cold breeze, don't worry there are those big heaters.


i love their Rocca salad it is just so simple yet delicious... I tried today their turkey bacon with honey mustard salad and it wasn't bad, it was actually good! bas it is a meal by itself!


 They're located in Shaab il bahry, when golden chopsticks is on your left take the right turn immediately and go straight until the street ends where you'll see the lounge on your right....


If you ever decide to go there, (recommended), try their sangria juice, Manhattan, actually most of their cocktails are good...




By the way, you can all call me Borzaiga ;)






Thursday, January 8, 2009

im depressed



I’m feeling better now; thank god it lasted for one day only….

going to post another post tonight or tomorrow...

im depressed, and i tend to eat a lot when i am. i ate today an amount of food that i can't remember when was the last time i had this much of food. i get those depression days a lot, but this time its so severe..

i dont feel like talking, i feel like, i feel like, i feel like, i dont know..

ill see you all when i get better.. to you normal people, happy weekend.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

living room lounge ... Sushi ratings

i love the living room lounge located in marina waves. the only thing its missing is more dishes.. someitmes im there and want to eat bas there aren't a lot of choices of food. 

the food is ok yet the drinks are just amazing althoguh full with sugar and calories, but thats fine i guess if its just once a week. 

the weather is amazing today, so i'm guessing im going there since it's not so cold today... the best thing about this place is that in case i decide to have dinner, i have tons of restaurants next to me in marina crescent. 

i'm thinking of having dinner at Kei japanese restaurant located in marina crescent next to costa coffee shop. i can say that Kei is the best japanee restaurant currently in kuwait discluding Maki from the category because i'm talking about authentic japanese food and not a mixture of disaaam likwait oo dihin ma3a il sushi!!!

i like wasabi too. try the seafood combination thing, caterpillar, and exotic roll. if you're watching your weight have the seaweed salad if not have the salmon avocado salad with extra sauce on the side. they also have a thing called califorai or something, its an appetizer, fried and delicious!!

of course if you are a beginner just go and give maki a visit, im sure it will workout. if you're addicted to it then go straight to Kei or Wasabi and have the delicious Sashimi salmon, yellow tail, octopus, and whatever your heart and tummy desire.



Monday, January 5, 2009

fandooos tamir -- supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

i love this song!

i felt a bit dizzy today so i had a large amount of tamir(fandoos).. a large amount for me is 5 maximum :P

i think i have an interview in viva in few hours, they'll call me and tell me to come at the same time!! why?

there is something called giving a person a previous notice... ya3ny at least tell me in advance 3ashan ahayi2 myself for the interview....

i have a doctor's appointment today il 3asir, i wanna schedule a date to take my gastric band off.. bas im sick of it, oo il7imdilla i do not need it anymore.

going to AUK tomorrow to get copies of my transcript and to get my recommendation letters ready for applying to masters in london

i can't feel the tips of my fingers and toes these days min il bard.. efffff, edish bil 3athim, and nothing seems to be warm enoguh for this weather.. 

recent places visited today: coffee republic & starbucks, ended my day in diwaniya

now im back home writing this post after i have checked the blogs  i follow.

till next time,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honesty Blah!

it took me a while to write this down!

I got tagged for the first time by ĐǻñĎõøðñ! It’s an honesty tag which I hate the most! I don’t like talking nor writing about myself but I’ll do my best... I’m going to tag 7 people only and not 10 as Dana did, I’m sticking to the original thing :P

10 things about me.. Ha lemme see!

1. I love food. I love to cook food and i enjoy eating a lot.. ilmoshkila inna when I start eating, specially in restaurants these days I immediately start talking about what's in my dish from spices to dressings, to kilshy... people think inna ana ga3id atfalsaf bas I’m not, I’m simply enjoying every bit of food I’m eating.

2. I always think I’m write, even if I acknowledge later on that I’m not I still stick to my point of view knowing the fact that I’m wrong.. I hate being wrong, tinba6 chabdy.. They call me ilmasri :P because I never say I don't know.. Although, I’m trying my best to be better and not be stubborn at everything.

3. I used to weigh 155 kilos January of last year, and now I’m 88! I did a gastric band operation and dieted with it at the same time to lose the weight... ( I know I said this a lot)

4. i always think I’m the best in my major which is marketing, and 3indy thiqa 3amya2 inna there is nobody else like me in my university. because i was so confident before graduating, il dicatra believe that I’m one of the good students :P --- being honest is so so hard.

5. wayid ajamil innas lately, oo I pretend that I like everyone, oo awazi3 ibtisamat left and right wherever i go, ba3dain I go back home or to my friends, and talk about everything and everyone at7al6am 3alaihom.

6. I’ve been having these weird phone calls for the last two days from a girl that I don't know and she keeps calling me wanting to talk and stuff, so I told her I’m engaged, although I’m not. I told her I’m engaged and she's still calling! What's up with Kuwaiti girls these days?!! What’s happening?

7. I go on a daily basis to starbucks kaifan or coffee republic free trade zone to have my special skimmed latte which I absolutely love. No sugar and no added caramel. I love the bitterness of coffee.

8. I’m a Facebook addict for 2 years or 3 now, I had my Facebook Account when no one else had it just few of my friends in AUK. ba3dain Kuwaitis discovered it! I love Facebooking and commenting on people’s pictures... and the most important thing is that I DONT ADD NOR ACCEPT RANDOM PEOPLE. Kuwaitis think that Facebook is for meeting people; instead it’s actually for staying in touch with people that you don’t see everyday and people you already know!

9. I entered the Blogsphere out of boredom because I had nothing else better to do, bas I grew a fond of it.. I used to think that Bloggers had no life sitting in front of a PC and write to people and talk about whatever they wanna talk about! Bas after my second post I discovered that there is a whole life beneath it, a fun one! And I don’t like when I comment somewhere, on someone's Blog, they do not reply to my comment!

10. I keep telling my mom that I wanna apply for masters in London for this January, but the fact is that I know that there is no time for it now, so I’m going to apply For this upcoming April. The reason behind this is that I want her to back off a bit from telling me that I should work and not stay at home. I mean I graduated early in three years so I could have some freedom.. I love you yumma :*

By the way, I just, discovered that I write a lot of I’s in my sentences!

And now the hard part which is tagging people, I’m so sorry :P

again my apologies :P

till next time,