Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day ONE of My Diet.. A Real Healthy Diet.

I’m heading to sleep now, since I haven't slept for more than 36 hours... bas before going to sleep id like to share with you my new obsession which is not gaining any weight and counting every calorie I eat.... I suffered today because I ate lots of food, fatty full of carbohydrates food.


I’m not saying I didn't enjoy bas I have to limit myself.. ya3ny my body would have fat cells for the rest of my life, its in my genes fa I have to live a healthy diet my whole life with a little of 5arabee6 once in a while!


I’m going to try to have as minimum of Fat and Carbohydrates as possible. 

My breakfast is going to be a slice of brown toast with sylphide cheese


Lunch is definitely going to be a sautéed vegetables dish with chicken, meat or fish depending on my mood and craving!!!


And dinner is a salad, or itha mish-tihy akil something different I would have a small portion of mashwiyyat!!


I’m not used to this, bas I’m going to try not to drink while I’m eating , and to chew my food properly as much as I can.


I'm having my gastric band(ta7zeem or 7alaqah) removed with my gal bladder(ilmarara feeha 7a9am) this month bas i don't know when!

till next time,



..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

good luck with the new healthy life style ;)
now its my turn to do so as well XD

oh and i love sylphide cheese ..!

and salamat ma tshoof shar inshallah .. get well soon :)

p.s: just dont over do it with the counting calories, trust me its tiring been there done that .. it leads u to obsession : /

Zaina said...

um so what happens when you remove your gastric band? mi3ditik returns back to normal like before?? or does it stay the way it is now? and why are u removing it? ana khabra inna it stays?

Zaina said...

and about ur diet. laish ma itnawe3 akthar?;p
madree a7is law this was my diet, I would've gotten bored ib thani yom! its good and very healthy mashallaah.. bas 3ashan mat7is innik ma7roum and bored, nawe3 akthar?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this new lifestyle, trust me it is definitely worth it and it really pays off in the end. I read a book about 2 years ago which made me absolutely hate all the processed, sugary JUNK that is out there.

What Zaina said is true, so try to read more and educate yourself about the world of healthy eating. There are so many good foods and meals out there that are packed with healthiness and are so easy to make. Good luck. :)

libero anima said...

gooooooooooooood luck with ur diet maaaaan ! u know i always have this picture of girly girls counting each calorie and what not .. but it's really good to hear that guys care about their body and health as well ;)

and i hope your surgery goes well inshalah .. =D
wish u all the best dude

Anonymous said...

Good Luck...looks like a healthy start :)

Think-Become said...

p.anonymous: thanks, yalla start with me :P i adore sylphide cheese! allah esalmich 7abeeby, inshala will get better...

i'm trying my best not to count calories and be obsessed.
Zaina: al7een i've loosened the band, 9ayir wayd ra5y fa when i take it out its going to be the same as gabil la a7i6 il 3amaliya... the gastric band can stay and can be removed, i personally prefer it to be removed, and stick to a healthy life style my whole life.

the diet i have a metioned is a tentative one and anything can be replaces with another similar product of food. inshalla ma a7is inna im bored. for example i love suhsi, so i would have "sashimi" sushi with sea weed salad for lunch! i could have a boiled egg with vegetables instead of the sylphide cheese in the morning and so on.

elieruby: thanks, i hope it does and i reach my goal. inshalla, will go and find good alternatives for my meals, you're right in order to stick to the program i have to change the type of food a lot.. since i love salads i wont have a problem :P bas i would change possibly my breakfast and dinner on a daily basis

libero anima: i have ti count my calories because if i dont, ma awagif akil :P inshalla the surgeries will be a success and i would be able to walk out of the hospital the next day when i have them.

AMU: thanks, inshalla i stick to it and become healthy

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh nooooo plzzzz 3bdilrazag this new comment box wont let me be able to comment from my mobile :S
and im usually connected via my mobile phone or else if i used the laptop i wont leave it and i have to study :/
so will u plz change it ?? :(

p.s: im starting my diet from tomorrow inshallah :)

Think-Become said...

can't i have both?!!

because this allows people from several internet websites and not just blogspot to comment :)

Think-Become said...

oh by the way, my diet looks great today, and good luck with your diet, im gonna jog today from scientific center to marina mall and back again to SC

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

U can leave it this way while still having other ppl commenting on ur blog just change the setting ;)

oh n good luck with the jogging : D .. I used 2go there daily but in early morning like at 6 am and i find some ppl there so i feel safe but at night its hectic .. I hate it : /

A Journal Entry said...

amooot 3ala sylphide!

bs i hate doing rjeem.. good luck!

Think-Become said...


it wasn't hectic today, shwayya mo wayid naaas... went from scientific center to marina mall, had a coffee in costa then went back again.. it was fun!


A journal Entry: its not really a diet its a way of life that i have to get used to, and all the food im eating is delicious, i had this amazing spinach 5al6a today with steamed veggies and a piece of meat, so i am enjoying it.. try to create a way of eating what you like without gaining any weight!!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

i was Johny rockets :P

and the weather was amazing .. though the ppl were bundled up .. i was feeling kinda hot (blame the coffee) :P

Think-Become said...

well it wasn't that cold, i was wearing a short

eshda3wa said...

i wish i can be this healthy

oo matshof shar inshallah

Think-Become said...

you can ishar ma eyeech

Pink Cubes said...

Good luck with the diet.

Bs mako snacks? Akhaf ityoou3 ba3dain :S

Tell us how it goes:D