Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grumpy's Tag!

Thank you Neoark for the tag

Mention, put picture of any grumpy person!, 3 things that just abnormal, 2 things irritates you, 1 trigger your anger, 3 of pe

ople you can't live without, 2 of people you don't want to see, 1 of your favorite food, 3 of your favorite song, Tag only 5 person.


Abnormal stuff:

1.         I wake up during my sleep, check my blog and email and go back to sleep again

2.         I have a fake smile on my face all the time, so I wont look like this cookie!

3.         I feel ABNORMAL when anyone kissed me on my cheecks, ya3ni lama his/her lips are on my cheecks!


Irritating stuff:

1.         when someone enters my room or uses my stuff without permission

2.         when people ask me stupid questions one after one, and keeps on repeating the question and I answer: I don’t know, but they keep on asking as if the answer is gonna fall from the sky


Anger trigger:

1.         When someone doesn’t tell me the truth or talk behind my back or lie, I really really get mad and angry


people I can't live without:. I had to include more than 3

1.         Mama, and my family

2.         Bader

3.         Hamad

4.         Nasser


 people I don't want to see:

1.         people with perfect bodies ( I just hate them :P)

2.         our stupid driver that thinks he knows everything


Favorite food:

1.         3aish lim6abbag, I just lobe the rice. Not too crazy with the fish bas 3aish lim6abbag is just kahyal…. Bas in the international I love everything


Favorite songs:

1.         Hajartak, Om Kalthoom

2.         kulli dah kan laih, Mohammed Abdulwahab

3.         strangers in the night, Frank Sinatra


 5 people to tag:

1.         Charmbracelet

2.         Journal Entry

3.         Hottie

4.         Dandooon

5.         8bits-of-coffe

congratulation you're grumpy!!





Neoark said...

it hurts when others include you in their conversation even without ur permission.

lol, nice grumpy picture :P

i can't smile one bit... and btw u get kissed in cheek by guys? >.>;

On-The-Rocks said...

yeah it is a good picture, and yes some old men when they kiss they disgust me.. not guys but old men....

Neoark said...

i prefer been kissed on cheek by little cute girls around 1-9 y/o

i won't even allow females to kiss me, somehow they steal a kiss >.<

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


grumpy ba3ad! ;Pp

thanks for the tag dude ;)

ps: tra i wake up and check my blog then sleep again too lol ;)

libero anima said...

our stupid driver that thinks he knows everything << looooool !

Charmbracelet said...

Wohoo am tagged!=D sank youuuu=) I check blogs awal ma agoom il 9b7 6am=p

A Journal Entry said...

i hate it when someone eta3abath baghrathy min ghair ethin =/

oo thanx 3al tag.. bs i'm sorry i wont be able to post it ella ba3ad cham youm.. lazim afakir feeh ;)

On-The-Rocks said...

dana: you're welcome, hahaha you're like me :P

libero anima: yeah he's so annoying

charmbracelet: i check blogs usually before i go to sleep and nowadays while am at work!! bas the waking up thing is amazing.. sometimes i feel bored from sleeping so i wake up in the middle of my sleep and read blogs!!

A journal entry: e because i like my privacy and obviously everybody does.... take your time...

S E 7 E N said...

when someone enters my room or uses my stuff without permission

i tooooooooooootaly agree with you .... la mo bs uses oo bring back ila you have to go every where to look for that thing they took

Anonymous said...

nice one! I do check my emails too while sleeping and then go back to sleep :D

libero anima said...

e7na draiwalna nafs el shaiy .. weysawee kel shaiy 3ala kaifah even when i tell him not to he still does it ..

MashMosh said...

haha the cookie really looks like a sad face and thats creepy..
WHAT?? no girls on the "cannot live without" oooh maaaaan

On-The-Rocks said...

se7en: off 7adda, i think i read in your blog inna your brothers used your play station games and the games are every where now!!!

Amu: yeah, its a habit that i acquired through time.... its the best thing

libero anima: i think inna our drivers yabeeelihom 6raaaag san3 e3adilhum.... i cant blame them they're uneducated

mashmosh: i cant live with girls, but the tag asked for the most three people i cant live without which are my mom and three best friends!!!!

Ego said...

that was .. ummm.. grumpy!!

ur a funny person , i mean checking the blog and email in the middle of the night lol..

btw.. u got tagged "honesty tag"
dunno if you've done it before but i dont care cuz u have to do it again :p

libero anima said...

hehe .. yeap u r right =)

Hottie said...

Merci boucoup monsieur! hahaha, funny cookie!

On-The-Rocks said...

Ego, yeah checking emails in the middle of the night is kinda fun :P, i did the honesty tag, and this is it! thanks for the tag though :)

hottie: ee, i got the picture from google!!

Cooookies said...

Did it really have to be a picture of a cookie ? :P