Monday, January 5, 2009

fandooos tamir -- supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

i love this song!

i felt a bit dizzy today so i had a large amount of tamir(fandoos).. a large amount for me is 5 maximum :P

i think i have an interview in viva in few hours, they'll call me and tell me to come at the same time!! why?

there is something called giving a person a previous notice... ya3ny at least tell me in advance 3ashan ahayi2 myself for the interview....

i have a doctor's appointment today il 3asir, i wanna schedule a date to take my gastric band off.. bas im sick of it, oo il7imdilla i do not need it anymore.

going to AUK tomorrow to get copies of my transcript and to get my recommendation letters ready for applying to masters in london

i can't feel the tips of my fingers and toes these days min il bard.. efffff, edish bil 3athim, and nothing seems to be warm enoguh for this weather.. 

recent places visited today: coffee republic & starbucks, ended my day in diwaniya

now im back home writing this post after i have checked the blogs  i follow.

till next time,



..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

ahhh my childhood memory .. I LOVE Merry Poppins :D

so how did the interview go ? :)

and hope ur feeling better now ;)

Claire said...

I love this song too, very very much !!! Oh Mary Poppins of mine

Pink Cubes said...

Min sijik 3al Viva! :S
Shloun yedegon wil interview ib nafs il day.. itsadeg ham ana sarat feni bs I gotta recall shino kanat il sharika. Best of luck =*

Bs eshlun bitkamil masters? Wila yekon ni'6am intesab?

Neoark said...

lol, nice post!

like the song, kinda nasologic

libero anima said...

heehee that song is adorably stupid =p

and good luck for applying for the masters ! wish u the best of luck ! =D

A Journal Entry said...

haw hathy yedeedah edigoon 3al wa7id wigooloonlah ta3al now!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

not feeling your hands is good...


oo mo bl bard, bl bard theyre fine the idiots, lma adesh da5el e3awroon =(

idiot hands!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! =D

Baroque said...

Hi! Hi!

Ps.Educaid ;p

Think-Become said...

P.Anonymous: they didn't call so there was no interview :P i am feeling all better now, thank you so much
Claire: i love it so so much too too :P i love mary poppins movie, its one of those movies that you never get tired of'em
Pink Cubes: shiftai shloun! bas they didn't call im guessing they're gonna call tomorrow or the day after. my masters gabil la aroo7 i quit the job! no for intisab yes for full time :P
Neoark: glad you liked it, and nasologic means what? does it have to do with the nose or something? :D
Libero Anima: thank you so much, luck is all i need min ba3ad allah :)
A Journal Entry: yeah they seem unorganized.. ill see how it goes, they haven't called yet.
Dana: open the hot water tab and put hands ta7tah until it gets warm then close it.. i do it all the time, it feels great!
Baroque: HI HI :P

P.S. i knew you were a person that i don't know, bas didn't know who and still dont.. must find out :P

Manal said...

the best work for children

my children love Merry Poppins

Think-Become said...

my nieces love the movie too, heck, i love it more than they do!