Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's the weekend

the first day on the job was tuesday which was boring,, no no its was so so so  boring, i was on rotations and i hated accounting a lot.

 the second day was in accounting too till 3pm where i decided to take action, and i did and without any details at 3pm i took my real job the marketing department job!

today was actually fun, the more i had work the more i was having more fun... for some reason  i love working and i do not know how did i stay for 7 months with anything to do!!

im really excited about this job but i'm more excited about the weekend. i have lots of things to do:

1- master nasfat il ghitra (shakli filim)

2- ashoof rab3y illy min zeman mo rayi7 lihom, not the daily friends but the monthly ones

3- get some sleep

4- visit some cafe and restaurants as usual

5- play kout, hand, nithala, sibeeta, tricks, whatever is possible

6- practice on my fake smile to make it look more real

that's it for tonight... have a good weekend,



A Journal Entry said...

what i'm looking for the most in this weekend is to catch up on reading blogs and posting!
ga3ed may9eer 3indy wagt i post!!

Neoark said...

just be yourself.

don't be someone else.

S E 7 E N said...

mabrook 3ala il watheefa :)

Anonymous said...

this weekeendd, im looking forward to sleeping ;p which i SHUD BE DOING NOWWW since i have a 9am lecture tomo ;p oh well

glad its getting more and more fun at work..Allah ywaqaaak dude!

Anonymous said...

ywaFqak *missed out the f hehe ;p

Zaina said...

oohh you changed you blog url ;p

Gone Bonkers. said...

once you find the department that suits your interests, working will be fun ;)have a wonderful weekend!

and when you master #6, tell me how plz!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh this week was hectic for me :s .. at last its weekend .. :D

have fun dear and allah ytamim 3alaik eb ur job :D

A Journal Entry said...

i passed u the butterfly award ;)

libero anima said...

keeeeeeeeeeeewl man ! el7imdellah that it turned out great for you =)...

uft .. i have alot to do over the weekend .. wish me luck XD..

and have a nice weekend man =D

On-The-Rocks said...

thank you all for commenting... i was busy this weekend, didnt have the chance to check my blog or even go online..

thanks for the wishes