Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i've been so many places in my life and time

i've been to so many places and done a lot of things in my life bas i never sang in public karaoke!

im thinking of singing karaoke tonight at Diva's which is a place i have never been to!

so excited, scared, confused, i dont know, i have a lot of mixed feeling which i can't seem to understand!!!


yesterday, avenues was hectic oo loo3a, the amount of people there was more than it should've been since it is weekdays and not a weekend. ما كان في مقز إبره

shopped for a bit then had dinner at lorenzino, oo ham kan za7ma.....

bas on top of all of this, i loved the weather yeaterday and im so loving it today! il jaw barad in the shade oo under the sun its a bit warm and sunny

enjoy the rest of the day everyone......

till next time,


Sunday, March 29, 2009

another kashtaaaaah day?

so this how it did go,

Arrived late to our kashtaaaah place in abdili at like 4ish, had lunch before that in the mazra3aah.

Drank tea, had some sweets and enjoyed the sunset. Then we light a fire. When it was time to go, our friend abdalla moved the car in a wrong way so our car got stuck where it was aroud 10pm.

Er went to the fire station and asked for help! Three people came and helped us get our car through their creative wayys.

The funny thing was ina they directed a prank on us where they pretended ina they were in a fight and one of'em took his pistol out and started shooting at the other guy. We got so scared bas they started laughing so much, 7ada we were punk'd! Later on we went back to the station with them had some teas and snamcks and played some baby foot and had some chats here and there with them. Theyy are good people mashalla! Yhad whilst we were leaving they asked us to pass by them next weekend because they feel so bored there and apparently we were fun hahahaha!

im blogging through my phone so execuse me for the typos.

Til next time,


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

شنو الفايده من حل المجلس

يوم الأحد وصلتي أخبار أن الأربعاء راح يحلون المجلس حل دستوري و فعلا صار هذا الكلام. لكن السؤال اللي محيرني و أنا مو خبير لا بالسياسه و لا غيرها شنو فايدة الحل إذا كان نفس النواب راح يرجعون و نفس التأزيمات راح تصير. هل هذا الحل الدستوري تصبيرة إلى أن يحلونه حل غير دستوري في 2010 وهو من المتوقع ان يصير هذا الشي؟

إلى أن يتغير تفكير الناخبون و الناخبات في طريقة اعطاء الصوت لمن، المنتخبين ما يقدرون يتكلمون و لا يقدرون اذمون في المجلس. لأن هذا هو اختيارهم. إلى الآن أشوف جدام عيني الناس يتناقشون شلون هذا بعطيه لأن من الطائفة الفلانية و هذا بصوتله لأن أبوه يصير حق يدي ولد عم خالته (يا خل أبوي حك ظهري) ما راح نخلص

اللي يبي تغيير و يتكلم عن التغيير خل يغير الناس اللي يصوتلهم! يا أخي صوت حق ناس ما عندهم لا مذهب ولا دين، يعني ليش اذا ملتزم تصوت حق واحد يكون يصلي و يصوم؟ صوت حق واحد يفيد البلد و قراراته لها تأثير و همه الوحيد الكويت و مو عايلته أو قبيلته أو طائفته. لا تفهموني غلط و لكن انا أشوف المذهب شيء معين و السياسة شي آخر لكن للأسف الناس و السياسة دمجت الاثنين مع بعض فصارت الطوائف الدينيه و المعتقدات الدينية طوائف سياسية مو بس ب الكويت و لكن في كل البلدان

نبي نتفق على التركيز على 5 نواب من كل دائرة، نواب يكونون اصلاحيين لا ينتمون لأي تجمع ديني معين و لكن بالامكان ان  يكون ينتمون حق تجمع سياسي اصلاحي لا يتأثر بقرار جمعيات أو مفتي أو أي شي آخر

قد يعتبر البعض ما كتيته تافه و معاد أكثر من مره و لكنه من باب التذكير، ولكن بما أن الانتخابات الجايه ان شاء الله الكل يصحى و يبطل عينه عدل و اعرف يعطي صوته حق منو. أكتفي بهذا القدر


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


tomorrow at 2pm is my operation at alsalam hospital in bnaid algar where im going to remove my gastric band and my gall bladder.  not so scared, but a bit excited

till then, 


Saturday, March 14, 2009

updates on my life

i went to the chalet this weekend, it was hectic yet fun, a lot of things happened which made me have a lot of fun... i discovered something, i suck at janjifa(playing cards)!

i taking my gastric band(ta7zeem, 7alaqa) off next thursday so i'm a bit excited and a bit worried on how am i going to maintain my weight! i'm not so scared of the actual operation rather the needles and the iv im going to have before and after the operation, im so afraid of'em!

my goal now is to reach 85 kilos of weight and i am now 91, so it is not difficult to lose what is left. i decided to give my self till the end of may to lose the 6 kilos 3ala ilra7a, so i can maintain the weight i lost and not gain anything back. the crucial part of losing weight very fast like i did is to try as much as possible to eat very small amounts of food in every meal and stop at around 6ish pm everyday to give your body the time to digest the food and not sleep with a full stomach


my friend nasser is back from lebanon, he is finally back after the stupid corse that he had, welcome back nasooooooor.


coffee republic is certainly an option today at around 8 or 8:30 pm. i wanna see people today!

that's about it,


P.S. the reason im not blogging as much is that i have nothing to say!

Monday, March 9, 2009

im baaaaack

i felt something was missing, the day i left the blogsphere. therefore, i had to come back, as soon as the load of work and not having enough time for the internet finished.....

enough said, i started losing weight again and eating healthy well portioned food... im feeling good again, partly the depression came from me having the knowledge that i was gaining weight and not doing anything to fix it.

struggling with maintaining the weight is so difficult, bas i am trying my best to incorporate exercizes with a healthy way of living and eating


"that's me in the picture"

last friday i went for a KASHTAAH in Abdili. we went to this great area where we sat at the top of a hill and had lunch which was machboos with laban, then we had some tea, coffee, 7alwah, rahash, and tamriyah. we wanted to stay only till sunset, but since the weather was spectacular we stayed till night singing om kalthoom, drinking tea, and sitting beside the fire.

the best thing that i really enjoyed there is the perfect sky and sand which made me walk barefooted throughout the whole Kashtaaaah. we jumped and laughed and have done everything we could think of. im seriously thinking of doing it again next week.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

might take 2 weeks!







due to work load