Sunday, January 25, 2009

a picture is not only a picture, its an interpretation of emotions!

i want a hippie outfit, i think being a hippie is great.... i wanna be in his place right now!


i watched yes man, jim carey's movie yesterday with one of my friends, it was fine bas i could've watched it on DVD instead. the last time i went to the cinema was last october so it has been a while... i kinda felt that i missed it, was fun going there...

had this amazing meal at johny's ..... ate this rocket single burger which was just amazing....

anyways, my next post is going to be about segregation of schools in kuwait... i think you guys would just love it!


Gone Bonkers. said...

jim carey is boring i think .. he still uses the same face expressions from dumb and dumber and ace ventura over and over again

the hippie outfit, ain't it a lil noisy?

Neoark said...

i don't get it... i don't like Johny rocket :/

On-The-Rocks said...

gone bonkers: im carey still makes the same faces, but since i dont watch his movies a lot he makes me laugh just for a bit every once in a while. I want a hippie outfit bas not this one to be exact, ill make a dye tie t-shirt at home take a picture and post it later in a different post as a clarification

Neoark: you dont get what? Its ok a lot of people dislikes johny's, egool ilmathal: lama i5talafat il athwaq la barat issila3,,

Ms. D said...

tensa7 wala la? cuz wer between hatha o brides war

-mate said...

Jim Carey 7adda the7ik o 7adda gawy elfilim, t9adeg awal ma 6la3t min elfilim. chan ashof ra2yees nadi el6alaba elq8yeen. chan ygooly benroo7 el3omra next month, radair 3alaih bdon tafkyeer: Yes, man!!

o al7yeen 7addy metwahag maby aroo7 3indy emt7anat o looya

On-The-Rocks said...

ms.d: i havent watched brides war, it wont hurt to watch both i guess.. i give it a 7.5 out of 10

-mate: hahahah, lol, ma77ad gallik tindimij wayid bil filim kaaak, hatha ma janaytaho 3ala nafsak :P

Neoark said...

i meant the burger (lol ba`3eet agool HAM-burger XD) i didn't find any burger that really delicious

love their cherry pepsi ;p

libero anima said...

looooool hippie outfit =p
go for it =D live ur life =D

and the topic for the next post is hot !

A Journal Entry said...

eshbitsawy bil outfit?!
don't wear it unless it's 7afla tanakuriyah! ;p

oo tiwaqa3t enna film jim carry mo thak il zoud.. mallaina min naaaafs il estihbaal eb kil film..

On-The-Rocks said...

neoark: yeah their cherry pepsi is amazing, i grill the best burgers ever at home!!

libero anima: yeah im living it!!

inshalla next topic is tomorrow

A journal Entry: abi af9il bil outfit.. it feels amazing to wear whatever you want and not care what others think of you!!

ee jim carey's movies are all the same, this is a bit different though, ma sawwa 7arakat ib wayha wayid, it wasn't bad

Cooookies said...

reguarding the outfit .. ill pass :P

Not a big fan of jim carey .. tho I might go to see that movie .. they say its good

3 months w/o going to the movies .. wayed :S I go whenver i get the chance .. Dont know why its more fun :P

atoona said...

omg @@
i had that same costume ages ago!! la o sharet ma3a huge peace sign earrings o necklace :P

Ra-1 said...

LOOOL :p she6aree?

I watched Yes man in Bahrain 2 days ago, I dont like Jim Cary but this movie is So funny 7adda 3ajeeb :)

Charmbracelet said...

lool that hippy looks wierd =p
and ma 3ajabni yes man!=| it was lame

Zabo0o6a said...

Hippie outfit : Lucky Brand jeans , Avenues.

eshda3wa said...

i havnt been to the movies in ages!

oo 7ade yoo3aanaaa

would kill for a jonny burger right now!

On-The-Rocks said...

coookies:i do not like the censored cinema in kuwait, and that is why i don't go there much, illy ebi6 ilchabd inna the last thing that happened bil filim ga63eena fa ma fahamt what exactly happened, thats is why i prefer DVD's

atoona: i should buy one then, and have a peace sign too :P

ra-1: madri faj2a i want to buy a hippie outfit... e the movie is nice

Charm bracelet: he does look weird, ee the movie is nice fee some lame moments bas fine... a 7 out of 10 is more than enough for this movie

zaboooo6a: will check it inshalla, thanks for telling me.

Eshda3wa: gained two kilos and a half this month, so i dont think im going to johny's any time soon, untill i get rid of the weight that i gained recently. try their bagel and cream cheese for breakfast with worm milk yummmmm

Anonymous said...

yigolloon brides war 3ajeeeeb, my sister went to it twice.

ana mu soub il movies . bas iyeeli a time in a year where i watch 25 movies in 2/3 days nonstop. so ill keep hal athnain in my list.

and maybe eat johnny while watching, wahah

On-The-Rocks said...

hahaha, bil 3afia for the johny's meal hahah...

Anonymous said...

bil3afiya :) I miss Johny and anything to do with chicken...didnt have a nice one in 3 days :D

On-The-Rocks said...

try wagamama's number 71 order, its amazing!!!

Neoark said...

5ala9 i want to try ur burgers :D

and learn from ya :D

btw i grumpy tagged you!