Saturday, January 31, 2009

the end of a good weekend

I had a good weekend where i went to MAKI twice(although not a big fan of it but rather a fan of Sakura, Wasabi, and KEI) and to several other places for lunches and dinner.... the weather was just amazing today at 3pm when I had lunch at Maki marina and sat outside watching the little ones do the rock climbing thing... 


I ordered Lost series season three and four to catch up on season five,  I stopped watching it about 2 years ago where i got busy with university and just forgot to watch... the best thing about it is that the guys comes to your house and deliver the CD's, how great!


the thought of taking masters is coming back to me again, if I go inshalla, it might me next year(2010) in January at Middlesex in London, or in April at Aberdeen university in Scotland.


Has anyone tried iltetto Italian restaurant in marina waves? I’ve heard so much about it, some people said it is good bas today my cousin went there and did not like it... galat inna ma yiswa killish!!! If you tried it, please let me know.... I’m gonna try it anyway bas i want someone to give me an overview of the place.



I have few friends in real life, and I mean very close friends, and just today I have decided that I’m happy and really satisfied and il7imdilla I do not need to know more people.. 6ab3an it doesn't hurt to get to know new people and become new friends with them bas I’m sticking with this crowd that I love and can't bear to lose!


till next time,




Charmbracelet said...

I love KEI! Abe chilli shrimpps!=p

A Journal Entry said...

sakura is the best japanses rest bil kuwait..

F. said...

I say go ahead with the Masters plan.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Japanese food fan but glad you had a good time :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

where are you watching season 5 lost?

im dying for the new episodes!

On-The-Rocks said...

charmbracelet: yes, their food is amazing, might go next week

a journal entry: its one of the best, sakura and Kei both have the same standards.

F.: i will apply next month and ill see how it goes later on

Amu: thanks man

Dandooon: three epsiodes has come out, i download them on a weekly basis. its, this website is for all the series and shows on TV but no movies

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


3abaly 5alas elseason =\

i can never watch lost one episode at a time...lazem an6er elseason e5ale9 oo i watch it all at once cz ma at7amal an6er!

i end up locking myself in my room and watching it all in one day! ;)

Gone Bonkers. said...

i'm glad your content! i dunno why but i am really happy to hear that! stick with whoever is true to you and i hope you stay happy!

you reminded me of 'lost' my God i have to catch up too :S

On-The-Rocks said...

dandoon: thats what i did 2 years ago when i watched season 1 and 2....

gone bonkers: thank you for the wishes, yeah. you can have the CD's once im done :P it'll only take me 2 to three 3 days

Ra-1 said...

yum Yum I am addicted to Japanese food :)

I have the original copy of season 3 if you want it, I didnt get season 4 yet!

Ms. D said...

allah ykahleeko 7ag b3ath ya rab ;D

i guess id go to il tetto bs 3ashan elmokan.. wanasa chena ib nus elmay

libero anima said...

I support u for going to do ur masters ..
what are u thinking of taking it in ?

they opened a branch of middle sex university here in Dubai .. just for ur info =)..

On-The-Rocks said...

ra-1: im getting season three and four today, thanks! you can take season 4 from me if you want to, ill give it to my sister to give it to you....

Ms.D: yeah the place of iltetto is amazing... must try their food i guess, even if its not that good!

libero anima: i'm thinking of majoring in marketing management, yeah i've heard of the branch that they opened bas i prefer to study overseas.

Hottie said...

il tetto was not as good as I thought it would be, but the seating is wierd in a fun kind of way, you kinda sink into the seat, they're so big, lol. The appitizers were good, not so much the main dishes.

I've been to scotland, I went to summer school there, it was called gourdonstoun. They took us to a shopping mall once and it was nice. London is amazing if you know where to go. I hate going in the summer though.

Anyways, before I start typing even more, I'd like to say I'm happy you're having fun, haha, I on the other hand am stuck at school all the time, trying to finish assignments. :(

On-The-Rocks said...

hottie: will try il tetto inshalla and ill give a review about it

most likely im going to london

thank you so much, inshalla youll bew done with assignments.

libero anima said...

waw that's great .. wish u all the best with that =D