Wednesday, October 29, 2008

changing my life style

At the beginning of this year, I was morbidly obese, hypertensive (thaq6 dam 3aly), and unhappy. In September of 2007 I decided to have a gastric banding operation (ta7zeem). The reason was because I decided to have a CHANGE in my life after and I had hit rock bottom. People around me killa egoloon eth3af oo 7araaaam walla and such...

bas ana kint killa agoool la2 ana mistanis ib my current weight oo ma feeny shai. The truth is, I was dishonest! ya3ny mino yaby ekoon shmitna oo killa enahit oo mako hdooom bisooog kubra. Its very depressing.

So at the end of January 2008 I had the operation, and my life has been changing everyday ever since. I lost a lot of weight (bidoon ma athkir how much!), gained my health back, and depression attacks has been coming less lately.

al7eeeen bajeely 10 more kilos to go to have a perfect weight, and I’m becoming obsessed about my weight(kil youm aqeees wazny 10 times!), calories, fat, carbs, and I enjoy buying clothes now because I can find my size anywhere!!

7ag ay a77ad yaby yith3af, ana bamshy bil mamsha(any mamsha) kil youm 8pm or so 3ashan ath3af il bajy. So go have a change in your life and walk a mile.

I’ve never known that being slightly over weight and not obese anymore is a confidence boost. fa im glad I had the operation although some people disagree ma3ay inna what I did was dangerous o kint agadar ath3af broo7y...



Thursday, October 23, 2008

going to bahrain 2day... looking for a change

Well, I am heading to Bahrain and I'm cluless as to what to do there for around 4 days except for going to this good sushi restaurant in adliya, that a friend recommended me to go to. Another place im sure im going to pay a visit to, is the other sushi restaurant called Satu in Gulf hotel. akeed 6ab3an bamur esseeef and i think thats about it. owww, 7alwa is on my list of purchases! Any Ideas guys?

I am currently unemployed yet talented :P. qaddamt 3ala ilhay2a and waiting for their call to schedule an interview, and i guess this is going to take so much longer than expected. The problem is, you can not work in any other place while applying. So, since I'm a recent graduate, I basically had to wait the whole summer for KIA(Kuwait Investment Authority) to open their doors for newly graduates for their course. wish me luck on that interview.

till next time,

think so you can become

Friday, October 10, 2008

hunger for good food...

I have been searching for a good seafood restaurant in kuwait, but I have failed..

leel7eeen ma ligait ma63am yiswa.. kil ma aroo7 ma63am there has to be something wrong with it. mathalan crown plaza, ilnoukhitha akla mo mithil awwal. fish market the new restaurant next to kuwait towers aklaa istaghfarallah ba9ij mala 6a3am. totally fish in marina, honestly i didn't try it, but people said it is not that good.

youmkin the best place to have a good seafood meal is in almarsaah bil mareeedian....

fa these days, im craving seafood oo i really want it to taste good... does anyone know a place where they serve good quality of seafood...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

sweet tooth


after ramadan, I gained a sweet tooth, which is now a problem since im on a diet for the on-going year. I'm craving chocolate basically, but most importantly is that it is impossible for me to resist ice-cream......

I need help and advice, can you help?