Wednesday, January 28, 2009

in school segregation

I arrived early today to my job, so i thought that this is the best time to write the post, since i'm going to be busy all day... i promise to check your blogs tonight...



            Why now? Why did they decide to segregate now and implement it in the last few years? Why not from the beginning? What made them take this decision?


            Those are all questions that I’m eager to know the answer for them, but unfortunately, since there is no studied plan for implementing segregation, I don't think that there will be good answers to the questions that I have...


            Ok, so you (whoever you are) decided to segregate, that’s fine, I don’t really mind, but why not segregate the work field too.. The reason behind the segregation law is to not mix both genders in one place. 


            so how come we(in the private sector) after graduation, we work in a co-work environment. Ya3ni I believe that the age does not matter in these situations but rather (التربية) and the way we were brought up by our parents.


            the consequences of implementing the segregation in classes, is leading to the lack of classes in ones major or department, which will then result in the delay of ones graduation date... or what would happen is that the student might have to take summer courses each year to graduate on time,.


            So basically students are studying all year long for a mistake that they didn't commit.


انا ما أقول لا تطبقون نظام الفصل في الجامعات، و لكن إذا بتطبقونه، لازم إكون في كل الاستعدادات اللازمة، جامعة الكويت اللي اهيه جامعة الكويت مو قادرة تطبق هذا النظام في كل كلياتها و بصورة صحيحة، ف شلون يتوقعون إن الجامعات الخاصة اللي اهمه حديثي الولاده مثل الخليج و الأمريكية و غيرها إن يطبقون قانون منع الاختلاط مع مصادر محدودة من قبل هذه الجامعات


طبعا المصادر المحدودة هني اهي ان في حرم جامعي واحد، قلة الفصول الدراسية، و قلة البروفيسورز بالجامعة، مما يؤدي إلى تدني المستوى الدراسي و غيرها من المعوقات التي تواجه الجامعات من وراء تطبيق هذا القانون


I’d like to know your point of view of segregation in schools and universities, its impact, what needs to be done, and is it possible to change it 

p.s. illy yaby yi5tirib, yi5tirib oo ohwa ga3id fi mukana, 3ala 7asab ettarbia wil sana3.... mala shighil il i5tilaaa6 billy ga3id eseeer hal ayyam!






libero anima said...

interesting ..

firstly answering ur question i agree with segregation at schools .. but not in universities ..

for me .. graduating from school just last year .. i would rather study in a segregated environment.. but that doesn't mean that we didn't do any activities with the other gender .. bel3aks we did .. we used to organize events we had at our school ..
bss for me to be in a mixed environment at that age is kinda uncomfortable because at ages under 17 years .. u want to be jumping around and being able to run and shout and jump on tables and do whatever u want to do without caring about boys being aound u and what would they think and etc..

personally, i'm still that crazy person who jumps on tables =p .. and i'm studying in a female only university .. which i find more comforting .. bss i defenatily do not mind if the university decides to have both genders on it's campus .. ya3nee bel3aks a7es it helps in the educational process .. there is going to be compitition between both genders which actually makes things more exciting .. and ofcourse hearing different views from both genders and other advantages of co-educational classes ..

so i don't mind studying in a mix or segregated environment .. because methel ma gelt el wa7ed baye5tered oh ho ga3id fe mkaneh ..
and sorry for blabbing =p

On-The-Rocks said...

loved your garga, and you are right ma yehim what kind of university is it, bas etha they cant implement the law it shouldn't be inforced, 3ashan ma it reflects on the level of education...

Charmbracelet said...

Ur very right..w ur ps is true thats what i always say..segregation wont change anything..i think this whole idea of segregation is crap..!

eshda3wa said...

take it from someone who went to mixed schools her whole life

what there talking abt is total bs!

ma nabe en3eesh mithil elgharb
en7afeth 3al banat welshabab!

moo na6reen a7ad yrabeena

6al3een min ebyoot ahalna metrabeen oo 3arfeen e7doodna


On-The-Rocks said...

charmbracelet: it is crap


what you have mentioned, "ma nabe en3eesh mithil elgharb
en7afeth 3al banat welshabab!" is what they use as a diversion of the truth to get what they want....

and it not only il 6ab6aba2y its all of the religious 19 mp's

Hottie said...

I think it's complete stupidness! WTF is wrong with people, how can we agree on all of this! I get pissed off just thinking about it. If you don't like co-ed schools or universities, don't let your kids apply to them... Why force segreggation on the whole population? I get pissed off just thinking about it! I have known many people (girls and guys, that jump around like crazy and run and shout, never made me think any less of them. I really don't see the point. If you want to be segreggated go somewhere that is, don't just force it on everyone. If your sons and daughters want to do something that you won't approve of, most probably, you won't be able to stop them. They'll just do it behind your back! (Which to me is much worse).

Hottie said...

eshda3wa...hellz yeah!!

Livingmylife said...

totally against segregation! ya3ni bthemat-hom .. what good COULD come from this? bas chithi kel wa7ed yabi yafrith 3a'6alata wetifalsaf!

5al eroo7on eshofoon in "girls only" SCHOOLS .. shga3ed eseer bel 7amamat! wela bel school yards! Bi sexuals and shitt like that! wetha mu bi sexuals "BOY CRAZY" girls .. wetha mu boy crazy girls .. banat may3arfoon yet9arifoon itha wajehat-hom a situation with a guy! ( o 6ab3an feeh el exceptions eli mafeehom shay )

bas hal mashakil etseer bel "girls only " schools akthar men el mixed schools ..

( i mean it both ways guys only and girls only .. schools.. )

ya3ni 9ij may3arfoon yenfi3oon el balad .. bas yaboon fawtha o 5aba 3ala '3air sana3!

fakraw o tenaqishaw eb maw'6oo3 yestahil! ;@ enarfizoni wala


Livingmylife said...

ooh .. o shfee wa7ed min el students mu 3aref ekawin jomla 3arabiya mufeeda? eli labis light grey i think ..