Wednesday, December 31, 2008


before i begin the post, i'd like to say im a guy since a lot of you thinks the opposite! check my profile, its there :P

happy new year blogsphere, its been a great 2008 for me, oo
 inshalla 2009 is going to be exactly the same as 2008.. I started blogging in october officially after being a silent reader and i am going to go on with my blogging in 2009! hope everyone will have a great year.
having said this, i will now share with you some pictures of a snack of one of my best friends, his name is bader and this was 2 days ago!! don't laugh, he enjoyed
 every single moment of this snack..

first he took some potato chips called emirates pufaki!

then he added some daqqous qrash bo deech on it!

ba3dain ate it all (3alaih ib alf 3afia)

3ugub-ha he drank his lovely tonic water, oo as usual he'd bitten the top off, until it was wide open as seen in the two pictures.

ba3ad ma sharab his tonic water and had his snack he finished with a blue dunhil cigg 3ahsan e3addil rasah!

and that was his 3am snack at our cozy freezing khaima at our house!

BADER you're great!

see you next year, TATAA :P


Monday, December 29, 2008

im so pretty, very pretty and witty, taraaaaaaaaah

before i begin the post, the Title is a song that i heard in Anger management movie starring jack nichilson, and adam sandler.

My passport finally finishes tomorrow, so there is a chance to apply for masters for this January.. al7eeen the loyaa begins from recommendation papers to everything else. Bas I’m happy because I get to finish my papers.

We took this picture in July of this year, we were so happy so we decided to jump high and take pictures. We took a lot of pictures and I picked this one because it’s blurry and no one would recognize the faces!! I’m the one on the right...

Sometimes I look back at those days and remember how much weight I lost! youmkin from this picture I lost more than 20 kilos bas who’s counting right?!!!
دعاء السنه الهجريه الجديده:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم من قال أول محرم اللهم أنت الأبدي القدير و هذه سنة جديده أسألك فيها العصمة من الشيطان و أؤليائه و العون على هذه النفس الأمارة بالسوء و الإشتغال بما يقربني إليك يا كريم قال الشيطان أيسنا منه و يوكل الله به ملكين يحرسانه تلك السنة. (اللهم اغفر لي و لوالدي و المسلمين و المسلمات الأحياء منهم و الأموات)
I'll see you all in new year's eve inshalla with a miniature post.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

اليوم مزاجي أكتب بالعربي

ماي فريند إز كمنج توداي فروم ليبانون اند آي آم سو سو اكسايتد! ذا ساد ثنج إز ذات هي إز اونلي استاينج فور ون داي....

i don't think its gonna workout, trying to write the post that way.. its o difficult..

yesterday i started this crash diet that i wanted to stay in till new years so i can lose 4 kilos ib sir3a... guess what i crashed from the crash diet and my blood sugar level dropped so low!!!!

so i had to eat.. now im back to eating normal again but will try some other crash diet that wont make me crash!!

2009 resolutions:

guess what? no resolutions! i'm happy just the way i am :)

3ala 6ary new year, i'm thinking of having a BBQ gathering for my friends and I on the beach... i think we're going to have fun ishalla..

i didn't like the old template of my blog so i changed it... do you like it?



Thursday, December 25, 2008

2009 is a great year

so, i have recently decided to go study my masters in middlesex university in london. im so excited about it.

i'm hoping that i finish all the necessary papers before mid january so i can start studying Marketing Management for masters this january!

acceptance is easy in this unversity, so i'm hoping everything would go well.


ilyoum ga3adt sina trying to renew my passport with changing the spelling of my family name in it.. it is spelled in a wrong way, so i wanted to fix it before i travel.. it finishes on tuesday inshalla.


a message to DANDOOOOON, you're a very creative writer and you should never stop amusing us with your pieces.. mashalla i think you should gather the pieces you're writing and make them a book of short stories.


thats all i have to say now, good night and have a good one.


Monday, December 22, 2008

sharait banak min limbarikia o mo rathi e5ali9!

i bought i huge bag of banak, and im eating large quantities everyday from it bas thiba7ny mo rathy e5ali9.

ba6ny inzara3 feeh il banak!

went to starbucks kaifan again today, 7adda kan za7ma yet most of the guys and girls there kint a3arf-hom, so i end up saying hi to everyone!!!

my mom is arriving tonight, walaht 3laiha wayid.. XOXO


im trying not to have dinners, sarly 3 days no eating dinner i think i lost a kilo yaaaay!

i wanna sing karaokeeeee! wain fee mukan in kuwait.. feeny fasla!

till next time,


Sunday, December 21, 2008

this song is stuck in my head - daily life routine

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances

wondering in the night. what were the chances
we'd be sharing love before the nigth was through
something in your eyes, was so inviting
something in your smile, was so exciting
something in my heart, told me i must have you

till the end of it.......

i used to sing this song back in 2006 and i stopped and suddenly yesterday i began singing it again while i was at kaifan's starbucks, kan za7ma oo killish ma kan laha da3i roa7ty.

i thought it would've been quieter since i needed a change from staying at the diwaniya!

i took this picture 2 weeks ago while i was at the edge of boredom an eating the M&M's illy ma3a peanuts which i dont like bas a7ib shakilhom!

what can kuwaitis really do in kuwait? ya3ny fee shy specific to do that makes you happy? or is it only gatherings and restaurants that are the current destinations for having fun in kuwait!!!!

ana ilyoum baghayyir jaw with a group of friends, and hopefully i'll have fun inshalla!

till next time,

think so you can become whoever you want

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i got a new email address for my blog

my new email address for this blog is:  



 i've updated my profile and added thid email to it :)....




baroo7 diwaan my family with my dad after 9alat li3sha.. stay for like 5 minutes insalim 3ala a77ad tawa rad kan imsawi 3amaliya then i'm heading to limbaaaaaaaarikiyaaaaaaaaa yaaaay :P


7adi walhan 3ala that place min zeman mo rayi7 oo mitmashi hnak..


shakli a5ir shy bag3ad in one of those restaurants illy 3ala il wajha oo have some food... killish killish buy stuff from there and cook my own food at home.


lets see.. hmmm maybe fresh spinach salad with grilled fresh fish yummy.. amazing and light for dinner.


till next time,




p.s. nasser and hamad should call more often because i miss them :P


Friday, December 12, 2008

this is my baby

that's my boy! heh.. 

at the beginning of this summer i decided to get a new car. the process of picking a car that represents me was difficult and invlolved a lot of thinking. I was going to choose from two cars. the first one was a lexus, and the other one is the m45 infiniti....

i made the choice of buying the m45 infiniti that included every single thing i would need in a car. before putting a deposit on the car, nasser my friend suggested the SRT8 Jeep. i kept the suggestion in mind and went to sleep.

i woke up the next day, decided to disregard any thinking process and get my baby boy... the reason for the rush on the decision was that i was alreay losing the excessive weight and i needed a change.. im not old yet, im still young, and getting a sport car is the best choice i made.

of course i had a choice of black, grey, or steel blue for the exterior and i got the steel blue one. thank god i got this car and not the m45 because it is amazing specially ib 6ireej il shalaihat!

the reason im sharing this is because i want everyone to just sometimes do something or buy anything that they had in mind without thinking of other possibilites... ilshu3oor 3ajeeeb

Thursday, December 11, 2008

7addy m3a9ib

so, ana 7addi mitnarfiz ilyoum.. im sitting at home and i have decided to invite my friends over and eat dinner from wasabi at home..

 i was so sleepy yet wanted this yam3a to happen. i invited 4 friends over, one said he's going to be late and i knew he wasn't going to come.

the other three were out with each other bas they had to come early because one of'em has real mdrid game to watch at 10:45.. so he would have time to eat dinner and leave early to catch the game..

 9arat 9:45 chaan idig 3alai N.. and he said: flaaan shrayik tiyee ma3ana il gahwa or diwaniyatna 3ashan to watch the game.. 

i told'em i cant since my sister is home alone and i cant leave her.. bas they didn't seem to get it. 

3ad kint mzahhib il chaaai and the green tea oo wayid ashya2 oo mrattib il mukan.. a5ir shy they didn't come nor call, bas they sent a message telling me come to the diwaniya..

 thank god i over slept and didn't read it at the moment it was sent because i would have been so furious about it.

i know they do not intend to be mean, but from my perspective, and im writing from my own point of view, its rude to be invited and not show up..

3ala il3umoom i dont hate them, i actually love my friends, bas its good to let things out and not keep any matters m3aliiga because it will only make it worse.


till next time,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i found my picture

thats my picture in 3rd grade(thaltha ibtida2y).. of course i changed a lot and i gained so much weight as i have mentioned earlier.. bas now after i have done the gastric banding operation, and having lost most of the fat that i gained, i can now see some resemblance of my past me and my present me. i still have the same eyes and lips..

i think this might (and underline MIGHT) be the first step of uncovering who i really am in the blog world!


everybody look back to the past and see how much you have changed in personality, mentality, or face features wise.. it is amazing how people change without knowing that they did.. 

i like to meditate and its been a while since i meditated, so i think i'm going to meditate tomorrow around noonish..... 

im going to meditate somewhere near the sea and ill tell you how it goes..

till next time,


Sunday, December 7, 2008

il3eed hal ihlalaah

3eedkom mbarak oo kil 3am witaw b5air oo 9i7a oo salama.. oo taqabbal allah 9iyam youm 3arafa minkom oo 3asakom min il3aydeen inshalla


my typical eid day tomorrow. wake up at 2:00pm go out at 3:30pm from the house and go to my grandma's house.. ba3ad-haa, after a while, i go have a snack at a restaurant or a coffee shop.

7addy ta3baaan, oo maly khilg aroo7 go cut my hair and do stuff before eid.. i hate eid.. i like everday life more.. 

till next time,


Saturday, December 6, 2008

why can't people just acknowledge that everybody is unique in his/her own way?

the thing that is unique about me is I TALK A LOT NON-STOP. i consider this a unique characterisitc of my personality...

do not be ashame of who you are.. be the person who you choose to be and not the person that people are wanting to see, or what they consider as normal.

what is your individuality like? tell me, and have confidence about it..

i was going to put another funny picture of individuality bas kanat itfashil :P

till next time,


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BREAKING NEWS FROM VIVA : no more incoming call charges

صرح رئيس شركة الاتصالات الكويتية - فيفا - بأن جميع المكالمات الواردة الدولية و الأرضية لمشتركي فيفا مجانا اعتبارا من يوم انطلاقها غدا و بشكل دائم

كونا - الكويت

Saturday, November 29, 2008

guess what?

i was at the chalet yesterday doing what i always do when going to the chalet!!!

at around 11pm things started to get fishy around the chalet i felt something weird going on bas i couldn't know what. i was so sleepy and tired because of my lack of sleep these days. 

then all of a sudden while we were at the kitchen of the chalet i said: I feel that Nasser(one of my currently two best friends) is coming to the chalet. 

they all laughed at me and thought i was stupid and sleepy, i was serious because i felt somehting although everybody knew that he is currently in lebanon. 

after a minute or two, guess what? Nasooooooooooor entered the chalet and it was a surprise for everyone. 

i felt so happy for 2 reasons. first of all for seeing him there today, and secondly for feeling the presence of nasser!!!

ma adry how i felt that he's coming bas i knew it few minutes before he entered from the door.

Till next time,


Friday, November 28, 2008

our visit to the early bird restaurant

the early bird is located in fahaheel, block 8, st. 43. it opens from 5am till 3pm everyday except sunday. i had breakfast there 2 days ago and the food was fine. i expected more from this place from what i have heard about it from people. 

the place although tiny, it is an american place serving waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon etc. there are board games there so you'll play until the food is finished. we played uno because we were too lazy to play any board game.

comparing this restaurant to johny's, rockets is much  better in taste and place and variety. emmmmm, im craving the bagel with cream cheese.

till next time,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

nothing to do!

so, its been a long time since i've blogged... I didn't get accepted to Kuwait Investment Authority bas thats ok, ill find something else to do. 

I need to lose 7 more kilos, any quick diet you'd like to share?!

since the weather these days is amazing, i've decided to pay my cousins a visit (nig3ad barra ma3a chai 7aleeeb oo jinjifa!!) its the best thing you could do these days since everywhere is crowded specially the weekend.

abi at3asha barra ilyoum, and i think i will, any suggestions people?

I have nothing else to say so,

till next time,


Friday, November 14, 2008

going to london

my flight is at 9am, and im going to eat lots of food while im there! ill back next tuesday..

Monday, November 10, 2008

KIA's Interview

My kuwait investment authority interview was yesterday at 9:30am. i went to sleep the day before at 4am so i only had 3 hours of sleep. i was so tired and so not ready for the interview but i ad to go anyways. i was the first one to go in which made me nervous. amazingly they asked me questions that are non-business related! except for one question which was: what makes you eligible to be accepted in a finance based course when your concentration is marketing and management. 

i wrote in the application that cooking is my hobby, so one of'em started to ask me questions about it! i feel i did 8/10 which is fine bas would have to wait for them calling me back. we'll wait and see..


heading to champions health club now.....

till next time


Thursday, November 6, 2008

my place of meditation

the best place i could think of that makes me relaxed and quiet is our kitchen! i love to cook food and preparing the food for dish just makes me happy because i know that there is an end result with a delicious taste.

i shifted my habit from eating to cooking the food which is totally better! chopping the food before starting to cook is a destress tool for me, as if im letting go of each annoying thing i have in my mind and my surrounding.

what about you, shino ilmukan illy you prefer the best for relaxing your mind and body? and why?

i'd love to hear from you to see the differences of how people like their quiet moments. do you like to be alone or with people when you're destressing? personally, i like to be left alone in the kitchen.

my best friend is out of the country for 4 months and someitmes it gets boring without him... ma t3arf qeemat ishakh9 illa when he/she leaves.... 3ala il 3omoom tirja3lina inshalla bsir3a oo e6oof il wakt bsir3a 3ashan nshoofik

till next time


Monday, November 3, 2008

addash kan fi nas 3al mafraq tuntir nas.. oo bitshatti iddineee!

raining and raining and raining and still raining.. wanasa.. it is finally raining.. winter 3ala il abwab and im really happy that it has arrived although i worry from the food and our routine in winter... akilna oo ga3datna itzeeed therefore sha7am here and there comes along!

hal ayyam haab ib "the Lounge" illi bil bidi3, ga3dat-hom wayid itwannis oo il7ilo feeha inna its quiet. lamma e9eeer iljaw ba3ad shwy abrad, i advise you people to go to "Astra Lounge" and sit outside bil jaw il7ilo. its in ishi3ib il b7ry

for some reason, ilyoum eshiwari3 hadya, mo mithil kil youm, it might be the rain and if it is i hope it rains everyday 3ashan ekoon eshar3 fathy shwy, thba7atna izza7ma.

kammiyat il ghaba2 these days in waiters and waitresses are increasing ib 6areeqa mo 6abee3ia. walaht 3ala il ma6a3im hal ayyam killa lounges and cafes bas ma gomt aroo7 ma6a3im, shakly baroo7 slider bacher!

moqabalty bil hay2aah is on thursday so wish me luck people, its at 9am, madry shlooon bag3ad. its weird inna il7emdilla i feel ready for the interview although most of my friends whom are applying are worried and anxious.

what have you been doing in your life? tell me.

till next time


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

changing my life style

At the beginning of this year, I was morbidly obese, hypertensive (thaq6 dam 3aly), and unhappy. In September of 2007 I decided to have a gastric banding operation (ta7zeem). The reason was because I decided to have a CHANGE in my life after and I had hit rock bottom. People around me killa egoloon eth3af oo 7araaaam walla and such...

bas ana kint killa agoool la2 ana mistanis ib my current weight oo ma feeny shai. The truth is, I was dishonest! ya3ny mino yaby ekoon shmitna oo killa enahit oo mako hdooom bisooog kubra. Its very depressing.

So at the end of January 2008 I had the operation, and my life has been changing everyday ever since. I lost a lot of weight (bidoon ma athkir how much!), gained my health back, and depression attacks has been coming less lately.

al7eeeen bajeely 10 more kilos to go to have a perfect weight, and I’m becoming obsessed about my weight(kil youm aqeees wazny 10 times!), calories, fat, carbs, and I enjoy buying clothes now because I can find my size anywhere!!

7ag ay a77ad yaby yith3af, ana bamshy bil mamsha(any mamsha) kil youm 8pm or so 3ashan ath3af il bajy. So go have a change in your life and walk a mile.

I’ve never known that being slightly over weight and not obese anymore is a confidence boost. fa im glad I had the operation although some people disagree ma3ay inna what I did was dangerous o kint agadar ath3af broo7y...



Thursday, October 23, 2008

going to bahrain 2day... looking for a change

Well, I am heading to Bahrain and I'm cluless as to what to do there for around 4 days except for going to this good sushi restaurant in adliya, that a friend recommended me to go to. Another place im sure im going to pay a visit to, is the other sushi restaurant called Satu in Gulf hotel. akeed 6ab3an bamur esseeef and i think thats about it. owww, 7alwa is on my list of purchases! Any Ideas guys?

I am currently unemployed yet talented :P. qaddamt 3ala ilhay2a and waiting for their call to schedule an interview, and i guess this is going to take so much longer than expected. The problem is, you can not work in any other place while applying. So, since I'm a recent graduate, I basically had to wait the whole summer for KIA(Kuwait Investment Authority) to open their doors for newly graduates for their course. wish me luck on that interview.

till next time,

think so you can become

Friday, October 10, 2008

hunger for good food...

I have been searching for a good seafood restaurant in kuwait, but I have failed..

leel7eeen ma ligait ma63am yiswa.. kil ma aroo7 ma63am there has to be something wrong with it. mathalan crown plaza, ilnoukhitha akla mo mithil awwal. fish market the new restaurant next to kuwait towers aklaa istaghfarallah ba9ij mala 6a3am. totally fish in marina, honestly i didn't try it, but people said it is not that good.

youmkin the best place to have a good seafood meal is in almarsaah bil mareeedian....

fa these days, im craving seafood oo i really want it to taste good... does anyone know a place where they serve good quality of seafood...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

sweet tooth


after ramadan, I gained a sweet tooth, which is now a problem since im on a diet for the on-going year. I'm craving chocolate basically, but most importantly is that it is impossible for me to resist ice-cream......

I need help and advice, can you help?