Saturday, January 10, 2009

ti7il6iming and commenting on life

Update: must see -mate post for today! its about arabs unity... see all 4 video clips and you'll thank me

i suddenly can't stop eating, im really putting a tight leash on myself in order not to eat a lot nor eating bad stuff. im trying my best to eat as healthy as possible with smaller portions than usual since im not doing any exercises lately!


enough about me, AUK's car boot sale is today. it starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. if you have time, come and visit, it is worth it and actually fun.. if ever happen to be there ask about abdulrazzaq, most of them know me :P


today is our match with Iraq, inshalla infooz 3ashan to be in the finals..... i don't know what time it is going to be because i haven't read the newspaper yet bas im guessing 7ish.


Viva's service is crap, when calling from viva to viva sometimes its fine and sometimes its not.. bas when calling wataniya or zain it gives me headache..


i don't like to get involved in politics... bas laih ommita we don't have a 7ukooma?


bas thats all o have to say... 

P.S. to all the blogs i follow, some of you are becoming lazy bloggers.




Neoark said...

good luck with your diet man

el kuwait will never win as long as they are azeeeereg :/

try call 102 from wataniya or Zain, you won't get service, it's war dude ;p

Think-Become said...

haha, yeah i've noticed, the same thing happened when wataniya first entered the market...

Charmbracelet said...

I dont know if u mean by me a lazy blogger bs with dawam I can't catch up with blogs and during the weekdays I dont feel like anything.. isn't the game with emirate?? Madre Chna I heard uae?=| =p anywayy..

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

i totally understand what u mean abt the can't stop eating part :/
so allah ywafgk and may everything gets back on track in no time :)

oh so ur going to be at AUK's car boot sale ^_^ .. well if i ever happen to make it i'll ask abt u :P

can't wait for the football match with Iraq ;) btw it's going to be at 5 pm local timing :)

i have the viva line but still didnt try it :P

Good luck :D

p.s: thank u for letting us call u abdulrazzaq instead of borzaiga :D

Think-Become said...

charmbracelet. I love reading good blogs, and when i find one like yours i enjoy reading a new post every other day or so... Its with iraq, uae is in the other group....

P.anony: i just left the car boot sale an hour ago...... It wasn't bad, the marketing club which i and my friends opened last year is hosting the event.... Then ill be watching it 5, you can call whatever you want!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Hope u enjoyed ur time ;) ..

-mate said...

mashkoor bro 3ala el tag!

o etha taby put some weight, i advise u to play Squash! tra le3ba mo 9ij

etha taby, i can tell u about good trainer n good luck wia azragna

7ilwa SAD maltik ;p

SAD allah ysalmik is one of the commenest causes of depression these days if you are depressed with unkown cause. It stands for Seasonal affective disorder. Means, changing the mood with the weather

at least you have explanation

good luck

Anonymous said...

have a good time at the event =)

and yeah the way iraq is playing (v.crapp) im sure q8 is gona win..

A Journal Entry said...

i hate politics!

libero anima said...
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libero anima said...

gooooood luck in the match dude ! wish u all the best ! =D

and whooooooooo's the lazy blogger 0.0 tell me so i can kick their ass to blog sooner =p XD

F. said...

New post up...
Sorry for the delay :P

Anonymous said...

good luck with ur diet mate..let me know how it goes so I can do it too!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah kan weddy aroo7 elyom bs i had a very very hectic day =\

was it fun?

Think-Become said...

p.anony: thanks i did :)

mate: la 3adi shda3wa, i dont like squash bas i like running so today was my first day of running since two weeks maybe! ithahir min ilweather and from something else shwayya :P thanks

desertpalms: the event was fun, saw some old friends and chit chatted with them..

the game was ok, both teams had an average playing level, kuwait was fine in the first half but went bad in the second.. ended with 1-1

A journal Entry: i love polotics bas i try my best not to get involved... bas i adore polotics and im a huge fan of news!!!

libero anima: thanks.... a lot of them are becoming slackers, maybe because of obligations that they have...

F.: looking forward to reading it after finishing from replying on the comments, cant wait!
Amu: today was my niece's birthday, she's the youngest and she's now one year old so i had a free day today.. ate a lot.. bas im beginning tomorrow with my diet which is:

Breakfast: a slice of brown bread with light sylphide cheese... with milk and tea

Lunch: A salad and a pice of steak, chicken, or fish, depending on the day, a salad can be replaced with sauteed veggie

Dinner: is just a salad

Extras: one canned juice oer day, one peice of fruit, and a kiss of chocolate..

information: water is only drank before the meal in 3o minutes or after the meal in half an hour bas never during the meal..

the salad dressing should be light preferably with no added sugar and just a hint of olive oil, lemon, a touch of garlic, maybe a tip of balsamic vinegar just to give it taste, some oregano if you have an acquired taste for it, and season it with salt and pepper..

the canned/fresh juice is preferably drank between breakfast and lunch.. my god this is a whole post by it slef!!


Dana: it was fun bas it was ok too, ya3ny taghyeer jaw :0)

Zabo0o6a said...

i was there at the carboot sale,, displaying my bottoms ;)
how come i haven't seen ya?

Pink Cubes said...

Ashwa enik gelt lina 3an Viva, 3ad ana kint me7tara eni I didn't reserve a line!!

Fee review in the near future 3an ekh6oo6 Viva? Ya3ni your experience w comparision weyahom m3a other company etha mako moshkila.. cuz I would love to know.