Saturday, November 29, 2008

guess what?

i was at the chalet yesterday doing what i always do when going to the chalet!!!

at around 11pm things started to get fishy around the chalet i felt something weird going on bas i couldn't know what. i was so sleepy and tired because of my lack of sleep these days. 

then all of a sudden while we were at the kitchen of the chalet i said: I feel that Nasser(one of my currently two best friends) is coming to the chalet. 

they all laughed at me and thought i was stupid and sleepy, i was serious because i felt somehting although everybody knew that he is currently in lebanon. 

after a minute or two, guess what? Nasooooooooooor entered the chalet and it was a surprise for everyone. 

i felt so happy for 2 reasons. first of all for seeing him there today, and secondly for feeling the presence of nasser!!!

ma adry how i felt that he's coming bas i knew it few minutes before he entered from the door.

Till next time,


Friday, November 28, 2008

our visit to the early bird restaurant

the early bird is located in fahaheel, block 8, st. 43. it opens from 5am till 3pm everyday except sunday. i had breakfast there 2 days ago and the food was fine. i expected more from this place from what i have heard about it from people. 

the place although tiny, it is an american place serving waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon etc. there are board games there so you'll play until the food is finished. we played uno because we were too lazy to play any board game.

comparing this restaurant to johny's, rockets is much  better in taste and place and variety. emmmmm, im craving the bagel with cream cheese.

till next time,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

nothing to do!

so, its been a long time since i've blogged... I didn't get accepted to Kuwait Investment Authority bas thats ok, ill find something else to do. 

I need to lose 7 more kilos, any quick diet you'd like to share?!

since the weather these days is amazing, i've decided to pay my cousins a visit (nig3ad barra ma3a chai 7aleeeb oo jinjifa!!) its the best thing you could do these days since everywhere is crowded specially the weekend.

abi at3asha barra ilyoum, and i think i will, any suggestions people?

I have nothing else to say so,

till next time,


Friday, November 14, 2008

going to london

my flight is at 9am, and im going to eat lots of food while im there! ill back next tuesday..

Monday, November 10, 2008

KIA's Interview

My kuwait investment authority interview was yesterday at 9:30am. i went to sleep the day before at 4am so i only had 3 hours of sleep. i was so tired and so not ready for the interview but i ad to go anyways. i was the first one to go in which made me nervous. amazingly they asked me questions that are non-business related! except for one question which was: what makes you eligible to be accepted in a finance based course when your concentration is marketing and management. 

i wrote in the application that cooking is my hobby, so one of'em started to ask me questions about it! i feel i did 8/10 which is fine bas would have to wait for them calling me back. we'll wait and see..


heading to champions health club now.....

till next time


Thursday, November 6, 2008

my place of meditation

the best place i could think of that makes me relaxed and quiet is our kitchen! i love to cook food and preparing the food for dish just makes me happy because i know that there is an end result with a delicious taste.

i shifted my habit from eating to cooking the food which is totally better! chopping the food before starting to cook is a destress tool for me, as if im letting go of each annoying thing i have in my mind and my surrounding.

what about you, shino ilmukan illy you prefer the best for relaxing your mind and body? and why?

i'd love to hear from you to see the differences of how people like their quiet moments. do you like to be alone or with people when you're destressing? personally, i like to be left alone in the kitchen.

my best friend is out of the country for 4 months and someitmes it gets boring without him... ma t3arf qeemat ishakh9 illa when he/she leaves.... 3ala il 3omoom tirja3lina inshalla bsir3a oo e6oof il wakt bsir3a 3ashan nshoofik

till next time


Monday, November 3, 2008

addash kan fi nas 3al mafraq tuntir nas.. oo bitshatti iddineee!

raining and raining and raining and still raining.. wanasa.. it is finally raining.. winter 3ala il abwab and im really happy that it has arrived although i worry from the food and our routine in winter... akilna oo ga3datna itzeeed therefore sha7am here and there comes along!

hal ayyam haab ib "the Lounge" illi bil bidi3, ga3dat-hom wayid itwannis oo il7ilo feeha inna its quiet. lamma e9eeer iljaw ba3ad shwy abrad, i advise you people to go to "Astra Lounge" and sit outside bil jaw il7ilo. its in ishi3ib il b7ry

for some reason, ilyoum eshiwari3 hadya, mo mithil kil youm, it might be the rain and if it is i hope it rains everyday 3ashan ekoon eshar3 fathy shwy, thba7atna izza7ma.

kammiyat il ghaba2 these days in waiters and waitresses are increasing ib 6areeqa mo 6abee3ia. walaht 3ala il ma6a3im hal ayyam killa lounges and cafes bas ma gomt aroo7 ma6a3im, shakly baroo7 slider bacher!

moqabalty bil hay2aah is on thursday so wish me luck people, its at 9am, madry shlooon bag3ad. its weird inna il7emdilla i feel ready for the interview although most of my friends whom are applying are worried and anxious.

what have you been doing in your life? tell me.

till next time