Tuesday, January 6, 2009

living room lounge ... Sushi ratings

i love the living room lounge located in marina waves. the only thing its missing is more dishes.. someitmes im there and want to eat bas there aren't a lot of choices of food. 

the food is ok yet the drinks are just amazing althoguh full with sugar and calories, but thats fine i guess if its just once a week. 

the weather is amazing today, so i'm guessing im going there since it's not so cold today... the best thing about this place is that in case i decide to have dinner, i have tons of restaurants next to me in marina crescent. 

i'm thinking of having dinner at Kei japanese restaurant located in marina crescent next to costa coffee shop. i can say that Kei is the best japanee restaurant currently in kuwait discluding Maki from the category because i'm talking about authentic japanese food and not a mixture of disaaam likwait oo dihin ma3a il sushi!!!

i like wasabi too. try the seafood combination thing, caterpillar, and exotic roll. if you're watching your weight have the seaweed salad if not have the salmon avocado salad with extra sauce on the side. they also have a thing called califorai or something, its an appetizer, fried and delicious!!

of course if you are a beginner just go and give maki a visit, im sure it will workout. if you're addicted to it then go straight to Kei or Wasabi and have the delicious Sashimi salmon, yellow tail, octopus, and whatever your heart and tummy desire.




Pink Cubes said...

madri shfeehom ma7ad meda7 lee wasabi :/

inzain bs il sushi, ana ma arou7 ma3ana wedi cuz ma3arif wala shay bil menu! i order randomly w i get embarrassing dishes ma3arif akelhom


-mate said...

bel3afyaa bro ;)

ana mo 9ob shay esma sushi! jarabt most of the japanese rests. o ma yazly shay.

gelt 7ag my friends not 2 call me if they are going there, lol

btw, el tag bel post elly gabel elly 6af shno elma6loob asawy. just answering there questions?

tc bro

Think-Become said...


ma 3indihom thouq, they like maki because its oily greasy and matrooos mayo!! if you wanna have other japanese dishes beside sushi, go to EDO which beside villa fairouz...


allah e3afeeek, ee wayid nas they dont like sushi, egoloon lama i5talafat il athwaq la barat issila3 :)

the tag is to right ten things honest about yourself, and to dig really deep :P


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i love kei's

bs ma akel seafood hnak lol ;)

they have nice beef teryaki rolls ;)

..... said...

its called kani furai


eshda3wa said...

i cant stand maki!

and yeah the living roon could definitely use more dishes

the ones they do have arnt that good!

libero anima said...
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libero anima said...

i dnt like eating seafood from restaurants =p ..

when it comes to seafood my friends adore Sushi and they'd prefer the restaurant YO sushi .. but i tried sushi once .. and never will again =p

A Journal Entry said...

livingroom tashkeelat'hum bil desserts bay5a.. killa cheesecakes oo la ba3ad mo 7ilweeen!

Think-Become said...

Dandooon: go to edo, they have a better one :)

....: thanks for the tip :)

Eshda3wa: i should give the living room lounge some of my famous sandwiches :P perhaps maybe a steak sandwich oo mana'eesh zaataar would do the trick i think :)

libero anima: i can't say anything, lama i5talafat il athwaq la barat issila3 :)

A journal Entry: yeah, a7la ma fil mukan ga3dat-hum and their drinks... try the living room chiller, i personally like it