Wednesday, December 31, 2008


before i begin the post, i'd like to say im a guy since a lot of you thinks the opposite! check my profile, its there :P

happy new year blogsphere, its been a great 2008 for me, oo
 inshalla 2009 is going to be exactly the same as 2008.. I started blogging in october officially after being a silent reader and i am going to go on with my blogging in 2009! hope everyone will have a great year.
having said this, i will now share with you some pictures of a snack of one of my best friends, his name is bader and this was 2 days ago!! don't laugh, he enjoyed
 every single moment of this snack..

first he took some potato chips called emirates pufaki!

then he added some daqqous qrash bo deech on it!

ba3dain ate it all (3alaih ib alf 3afia)

3ugub-ha he drank his lovely tonic water, oo as usual he'd bitten the top off, until it was wide open as seen in the two pictures.

ba3ad ma sharab his tonic water and had his snack he finished with a blue dunhil cigg 3ahsan e3addil rasah!

and that was his 3am snack at our cozy freezing khaima at our house!

BADER you're great!

see you next year, TATAA :P



desertpalms said...

LOL at the announcement..i didnt think u were ever a girl =D

hehehe my dad eats his crisps with daqoos as well..bas how does he drink from the can like that..doesnt it cut his lips =/ ouch

nyoos, happy new year to you too dude! ;p

Think-Become said...

well a lot of people in previous posts would address me as a girl! bas ashwa this wasn't the case with you :)

he drinks from the can normally the he bites the top of after drinking!

yes happy new yeaaaar desertpalms :-)

Hottie said...


I never though you were a girl either, lol. Clearly from the picture in your previous post, you're a guy. I'm enjoying your blog so far, and hope you'll have a lot to give us next year!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aham shay the way he opened the tonic water =Pp

bs cool...ya3ny dabbar nafsa ;)


watcha doing today?

Think-Become said...

hottie, happy new year to you too, glad you're enjoying my blog, it means so much to me.

Dandooon: happy new year to you too honey, he opened it 3ady ba3dain when he drank it all he started biting the top, its a habit.

Im invited to a new years party at my friends chalet!

Anonymous said...


inshallah this year w every year will be the best w all your dreams come true

Charmbracelet said...

Happy New Year!
Aham shay he bit off the top !=| thats just wierd !=p lool

-mate said...

My wishes for you, Great start for Jan,Love for Feb,Peace for march,No worries for April Fun for May,Joy for June to Nov,Happiness for Dec,Have a lucky and wonderful Blogginh 2009

agol 5al njareb el pufak shakla yshawig

A Journal Entry said...

happy new year! =D

oo i love bufak ma3a hot sauce!
bs 3ad i don't chew on the cans ;p

Think-Become said...

D: happy new year, inshalla allah yisma3 minnich

charmbraceltet: to you too, ee its fun to see him chew it off.

mate: thank you so much, happy new year to you too.. ilpufak is amazing...

happy new year to you too,, i love it too and i dont too cans too

Khayala said...

abi bo6a6 o daqoos.

abi abi abi :'/

Think-Become said...

lo beedy i would've given you the whole pack ma yighla 3alaich oo 3alaich ib alf 3afia feeh killa :)

killish killish i think il driver would do the trick, just send him to the jam3iya with a piece of paper written 3alaiha pafak bu safeena :P and i think you have hot sauce bo deech at home..

bon appetite moqadaman

libero anima said...

hehehehehe ! ....

BTW cigarettes are baaaad ! =@

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...