Monday, February 2, 2009

A Failed Attempt To Express My Feelings Through Poetry

أردت أن أصنع شيئا من حياتي فزال ما كنت أخطط له،

غيرت مجرى حياتي كلها لأنسى ما كنت أبني له


كلما أركض عن ما أحب ألاقيه أقرب مني،

كلما ابتعدت جاءت فرص تقربه مني


بعد اختيار مساري استيقنت أنه يؤدي إلى ما أحب،

بعد الصحوة من أحلامي تقبلت أنني متوجه إلى ما أهوى


نكران ما سيحصل لي لن يؤدي إلا إلى ضياع الوقت،

ما رسم لي من مستقبل عاجلا أم آجلا سألبسه بعد طول أو قصر وقت


Anonymous said...

never say it failed...keep working on it and u will get from better to best and one day a gr8 poet :) well written even though I am not a poetry person and Good Luck...

libero anima said...

dude this attempt did not fail !
it's great ! ..
and no matter what u write it doesn't matter if the readers like it or not cuz as long as it comes from the heart that's all that matters =)

Neoark said...

looks like you wrote it in english and used 3jeeb to translate it in arabic :P

it is nicely written

Ms. D said...

kalamik ma7es fe masha3er.. chena maghsoob u write something :(

aw ina ma fahmt 3adil :O

khal atghada warja3 agra chod asto3eb

A Journal Entry said...

i like it! =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

laish failed? =(

i like it =D

On-The-Rocks said...

amu: thanks, i will do my best next time.

libero anima: you'r so kind, thank you. you're right

Neoark: i did think in english actually but wrote it in arabic :P

Ms.D: actually i was going to write it in english bas i decided that i never had a whole arabic post, so i did!!! i dont understand some of it either.. i wanted to say that i wanted something but i couldn't have it, so i tried to be away from it but in the end being away from it made me closer to it somehow.. im bad with emotions!!!

A journal entry: thanks

Dandooon: i felt that it was a failed atempt, yet thank you :)

Gone Bonkers. said...

keep writing and you'll get better! thats what i did and still do

i love to read Nizar Qabbani's dawaween ... he uses simple words but makes them have deep meaning..

Ms. D said...

ana min jama3at kher elkalam ma qal wa dal!

distance makes the hearts grow fonder!