Tuesday, January 20, 2009

بعد أقل من سبع ساعات

أخيرا مثل ما اتعرفون ان انا توظفت و ان شاء الله بعد كم ساعه أوقع العقد... ما أكذب عليكم بس أحلى ما في الشغله مكانهه.. المكان بالصالحيه!! فحدي مستانس :)

hopefully tomorrow is not my first day on the job... inshalla tomorrow would be only signing a contract and thats it..


the question is: mino e3arf about how to market real estate? because i don't hopefully i'll learn on the job!!!

another question: do you guys think i talk in english all the time? i don't, the only time i use english is when i order food or when im writing a post...

i leave you with one of the old songs of om kalthoom that i got addicted to at an earlier age when i was 15!!!




Anonymous said...

ahhhh thanks for the song! that put me in a good mood =D

good luck tomoro! u shud get to sleep ;p heheh

Gone Bonkers. said...

hey =)

I wish you all the best! You're gonna be good at what you'll do enshaAllah ... and thanks for making me sing-along Om Kalthoum i honestly played the song before reading the post and i couldn't not comment and wish you well ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck mate :)

Ms. D said...

real estate marketing ha? mmm i did my business grad project 3ala real estate marketing company.. i think i know shayen miney minak

and congrats 3ala ur new job ;D

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

ha how did it go ?? :)

-mate said...


a7es postik kella ga3ed tred 3alay o 5a9a om kalthoom

yoba em9adgik borzaiaag

agoolik tra fyeeh many things in common between us!!

1- 21
2- om kalthoom

hathyeel elly athkerhom so far

bas 9adegny fyeeh ba3ad many many

A Journal Entry said...

emwafag ensgallah =)

et9adig ma a7ib oreo wayd!

Cooookies said...

Goodluck with the new job.

Now.. thats what i call music !
They say u never appretiate um kalthoom these days untill ur above 25..

Hmm, so far the only arabic i've seen is in this post.. hehe how about post kamil in arabicto check if your still ontrack :P

On-The-Rocks said...

desertpalms: yeah the song is amazing, thanks, yeah i went a bit late

gone bonkers: hey! thanks, yeah i love om kalthooom!!

Amu: thanks man

Ms.d: if its possible can i read it or could you send me some few tips...

p.anonymous: it went fine, im in rotations now, currently in accounting till tomorrow then im heading to the legal department whatever that is!!

-mate: chakaitni hahaha.. i wanted to send a message to the public :P, yeah there are things in common!!

A journal Entry: thank you, bas this cake you should try, im not a fan of oreo cake bas this cheese cake is just amazing, its my moms bakery...

coookies: thanks, ee i love om kalthoom and i appreciate her and her music... inshalla the next post or the post after would be in arabic, bas if im writing in arabic it has to be about something currently happening in the world and not on my personal life i feel better writing in arabic when writing about a cause or a problem or whatever is happening these days

Ms. D said...

ill link u to a couple of real estate marketing companies websites.. they were pretty useful. and they both have franchises in kuwait



eshda3wa said...

good luck!!


Good luck from PASTURKEY.me too want to send to you bşg cake with in strawbery....

libero anima said...

Kolololeeesh ! ;p
I'm so happy for u dude =D

I wish u all the best man !

And I don't think you use english a lot.. As long as u don't replace arabic with english completely ..
I once saw on TV yaybeen arabic girls and boys kel wa7ed akbar men el thany .. Ya3ni 19 and above .. W awaneh we don't talk arabic .. Wel mothee3a kanat mesta'3reba menhum ..
E7m sorry, I drifted away from the subject =p

Tc tomorrow at ur first day dude

On-The-Rocks said...

eshda3wa: thank you

pasturkey: thanks, whats a psg cake?

libero anima: thanks for the wishes, thanks,this is my third day..


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