Saturday, December 27, 2008

اليوم مزاجي أكتب بالعربي

ماي فريند إز كمنج توداي فروم ليبانون اند آي آم سو سو اكسايتد! ذا ساد ثنج إز ذات هي إز اونلي استاينج فور ون داي....

i don't think its gonna workout, trying to write the post that way.. its o difficult..

yesterday i started this crash diet that i wanted to stay in till new years so i can lose 4 kilos ib sir3a... guess what i crashed from the crash diet and my blood sugar level dropped so low!!!!

so i had to eat.. now im back to eating normal again but will try some other crash diet that wont make me crash!!

2009 resolutions:

guess what? no resolutions! i'm happy just the way i am :)

3ala 6ary new year, i'm thinking of having a BBQ gathering for my friends and I on the beach... i think we're going to have fun ishalla..

i didn't like the old template of my blog so i changed it... do you like it?




ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ana aby crash diet to make me lose atleast 6kg before new years....e9eer?
it would also be nice if i can eat chocolate and junk food weya! =D


Think-Become said...

heh,,, i think with chocolate and junk food you'd gain the sixand not lose the 5!!!

ana agool bas eat healthy and you'll be fine....

maybe walk for an hour and a half everyday like i do!

Charmbracelet said...

looool that was funny ! =p
Be careful with that diet=p i wanna go on a diet but i dont have a reason too..a7is its fun to stick to a routine =p hehe
i dont think i have any new year res.

Anonymous said...

لووول أنا تعجبت لمن قريت عنوان البوست
إستانست :)))
بس يالله ما عليه

إنت ليش ما تشترك بدايت سنتر؟ أنا بشترك فيه ترا معني مو لازم أخسر وزن
وزني أقل بوايد من طولي بس أبي أكل صحي

desertpalms said...

why u going on a crash diet..its not good for you man!! nd you realised its not gonna do ANYTHING..for you to starve urself for 4days..itl just mess up your metabolism =/

just eat healthy food,light portions..and exercise alot..ta daaa =) and KEEP it like that for longterm..

yup this templates nice! =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

nice template =)

lma kint mashya mn bloggik sheft'ha oo 3abaly my comp kan m5aref lol ;)

oo men wain ana a7a9ely an hour and a half to walk in? if i had an extra 1.5 hrs in my day, i'd use them to feed my sleep deprivation! =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

btw, i like your new pic =)

libero anima said...

aaaaw man ! dnt beat up urself for a diet .. 3ala mahlik =p

Think-Become said...

charmbracelet: hehe, dont go on a diet if u dont need too. im sick of dieting for this past year!

D: ma a7ib akil food ekoon ba9ij or atqayyad ib akil mo3ayyan! a7ib asawi mithil ma ana im doing right now illy ohwa i watch my calorie in take.

desertpalms: ee thats what im doing now, eat small healthy portions everyday. thanks, i like this template too.

Dandoon: thanks, ee walla i like this template, i love sleeping too, 3ayal deprive yourself from chocolate and junky food.

my new picture 7ad-haa tmattin :P

libero-anima: im gonna eat normal for a week now and if my weight doesn't go down im gonna exercise and if that doesn't work, to hell with the diet!

Ra-1 said...

Have fun :)

I dont remember the old template!

A Journal Entry said...

i like it ;)

oo a bbq on the beach sound like fun!

Think-Become said...

Ra-1: thanks, the old template was boring to me,

Journal Entry: thanks, glad you like it.. and yeah, BBQ on the beach is the best we could do because you see new year everywhere is za7ma except private shalaih's with private beaches!

F. said...

Ooh! Not good. Hope you feel better.

Think-Become said...

F. : thanks, i am better now il7imdilla

-mate said...

nice post!

Think-Become said...

thanks mate!

libero anima said...

loool yeah to hell with diets ! whooooooow ! =p

Think-Become said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! youmkin bas maintaining and not dieting!!

Zabo0o6a said...

"yesterday i started this crash diet that i wanted to stay in till new years so i can lose 4 kilos ib sir3a... guess what i crashed from the crash diet and my blood sugar level dropped so low!!!!"

Same thing happened to me
yseterday :S bs all i ate 2day was brown toast and cheese

Think-Become said...

salamaaat zaboo6a ma tshoofeeen shar.. lets have a normal diet :P

`~MnO YeNSa! ~` said...

yaya aslim 3leek
long time 3nk

happy new year ..
ha how is 2009 far ?

shwgtni 3la el BBQ ..3la el beach
yummuy o now brrrd ;Pp

seej join diet care wela ay wa7ed mn eli eswoon healthy food ..

esar7a i didn`t try it bs .. i guess tswa kfyaa ena healthy ... o semala 3leek it won`t effect your blood suger ;)

yalla a7es wayd grgt ;P