Monday, November 10, 2008

KIA's Interview

My kuwait investment authority interview was yesterday at 9:30am. i went to sleep the day before at 4am so i only had 3 hours of sleep. i was so tired and so not ready for the interview but i ad to go anyways. i was the first one to go in which made me nervous. amazingly they asked me questions that are non-business related! except for one question which was: what makes you eligible to be accepted in a finance based course when your concentration is marketing and management. 

i wrote in the application that cooking is my hobby, so one of'em started to ask me questions about it! i feel i did 8/10 which is fine bas would have to wait for them calling me back. we'll wait and see..


heading to champions health club now.....

till next time



Anonymous said...

Good Luck :)

A Journal Entry said...

enshallah etkoon sawait zain.. ana 3indy bil3ax being the 1st to go in wayd a7san.. maykoon fee muqaranaat..

think-become said...

amu, thanks

Journal entry, you're right, inshalla ill get accepted

momo said...

I just have some questions if you could help?
-do you know if they accept new graduates?
-are they open to applicants this month?
-where should I apply?


eshda3wa said...

goodluck with that

inshallah theyll call u

think-become said...

momo, im a new graduate bas im applying to the course and not to kia it self, so i dont know

eshda3wa, thanks alla yisma3 minnich

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

good luck!
i hope you aced it! ;)

think-become said...

i hope i did