Thursday, October 23, 2008

going to bahrain 2day... looking for a change

Well, I am heading to Bahrain and I'm cluless as to what to do there for around 4 days except for going to this good sushi restaurant in adliya, that a friend recommended me to go to. Another place im sure im going to pay a visit to, is the other sushi restaurant called Satu in Gulf hotel. akeed 6ab3an bamur esseeef and i think thats about it. owww, 7alwa is on my list of purchases! Any Ideas guys?

I am currently unemployed yet talented :P. qaddamt 3ala ilhay2a and waiting for their call to schedule an interview, and i guess this is going to take so much longer than expected. The problem is, you can not work in any other place while applying. So, since I'm a recent graduate, I basically had to wait the whole summer for KIA(Kuwait Investment Authority) to open their doors for newly graduates for their course. wish me luck on that interview.

till next time,

think so you can become


EXzombie said...

good luck have fun and don't forget "Shuwater"

and welcome to Safat

think-become said...

just came back, didn't forget the shuwaiter 7alwa... :P

thanks :)

eshda3wa said...

good luck !!

think-become said...

thanks i need it.