Thursday, December 25, 2008

2009 is a great year

so, i have recently decided to go study my masters in middlesex university in london. im so excited about it.

i'm hoping that i finish all the necessary papers before mid january so i can start studying Marketing Management for masters this january!

acceptance is easy in this unversity, so i'm hoping everything would go well.


ilyoum ga3adt sina trying to renew my passport with changing the spelling of my family name in it.. it is spelled in a wrong way, so i wanted to fix it before i travel.. it finishes on tuesday inshalla.


a message to DANDOOOOON, you're a very creative writer and you should never stop amusing us with your pieces.. mashalla i think you should gather the pieces you're writing and make them a book of short stories.


thats all i have to say now, good night and have a good one.



desertpalms said...

congrats on the uni moqadaman =) sounds great, ur gona love it here!

good luck with the passport and i agree with you..danaa urr tha best, baaby =**

merry xmas =)

Charmbracelet said...

goodluck with ur papers for jam3aa=D its exciting !=p
dandoon is very good indeed mashala..I don't feel excited for 2009, madre laish =| maybe its a today feeling only =p

libero anima said...

ooooh kewlnessss !

wish you the best of luck always !! ..

whoooooooooooow ! =D

Think-Become said...

desertpalms: thank you, you said you're gonna love it here. does this means you study in london?

yeah inshalla the passport finishes quickly... and yes mashalla dana is the best.

Charmbracelet: thanks, yes it is exciting 7addy can't wait for everything to go smoothly.

i think you should set everything for 2009 so it would be a great year for your self. for me 2008 was about losing the excessive weight and i did. 2009 and 2010 is for masters :) and don 't forget, be realistic in what you want to accomplish.

libero anima: 7adda kewlness :P thanks, whooooooooow! :P

Anonymous said...

congrats moqadaman
w best of luck

3oqbal ildektora inshallah =) wil fal lina :D

w i pray inah 2009 w every year inshallah all ur dreams come true

Think-Become said...

thank you, allah yisma3 minnich... inshalla leash la2 nothing is impossible inshalla you'll get the degree that you want.

desertpalms said...

Yup =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwwwwwwwww =D

me blushy =$

youre too sweet wallah =)
i dont even know what to say, bs 9ayra 6ma6a =$

etha 2009 is starting like this, then i have no doubt it will be a good year! =D

thanks you guys ;**

A Journal Entry said...

emwafag in ur masters.. hope it all works out well..

oo 9aj dandoon is so talented mashallah... i very much enjoy her writings =)

Think-Become said...

dandoon: shouldn't be blushing ma gilna illa il 7ag :)

inshalla 2009 is going to be a great year.

journal entry: thanks, yeah mashalla 3alaiha she's so talented

Nemo said...

congrats on this big step :) you're certainly doing the right thing (inshalla i can do the same)


Dandoon is creative :)

Aurous said...

congrats & good luck on your masters.. :)

Think-Become said...

nemo: thanks, e il7imdilla

ishalla you will do masters don't worry :)

welcome to my blog

AUROUS: welcome to my blog, and thanks :)

Hottie said...

I hope you get in!

Think-Become said...