Saturday, November 22, 2008

nothing to do!

so, its been a long time since i've blogged... I didn't get accepted to Kuwait Investment Authority bas thats ok, ill find something else to do. 

I need to lose 7 more kilos, any quick diet you'd like to share?!

since the weather these days is amazing, i've decided to pay my cousins a visit (nig3ad barra ma3a chai 7aleeeb oo jinjifa!!) its the best thing you could do these days since everywhere is crowded specially the weekend.

abi at3asha barra ilyoum, and i think i will, any suggestions people?

I have nothing else to say so,

till next time,



A Journal Entry said...

ma3alaih 5eerah.. enshallah et7a9il illy a7san minha ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ma3alaih...8adar allah wa ma sha2a fa3al =)

i suggest carinos as always ;)

if you need to lose weight, get their lemon rosemary has very very little calories but tastes yummy oo yshabe3 ;)

oo if you find a quick diet thatll work, let dandooona know, ok? ;)

eshda3wa said...

yalah inshallah ull move on to something better

i dont know how to play any janjifa games !

but glad ur having fun

Manal said...

خيرها بغيرها


وبالنسبة للريجيم


والعشا الي تسالنا عن اقتراحاتنا

انا اقول بما ان الجو حلو

يعني وقت الرياضة

حاول تخفف اي شي فيه نشويات ودهون

والله يوفقك
يا خوي

think-become said...

journal entry: inshallah

dandoon: ta3ashait sala6ah min prime and toast ba3dain kamaly il 3asha ib wasabi ilbidi3!! 3asha bil aqsaaa6!

Eshda3wa: inshalla, janjifa is a relaxing technique for me, ill teach you everything you need to know about it!

manal: ee lazim awagiif hal 7alaw wil kakaw...

Ra-1 said...

Hathee a7la mar7ala enjoy it before you get employed :)

Join Diet Care, you will loose 5 kilos a month!

think-become said...

istamta3t b hathy il mar7ala kaafy, its time to work... i dont like diet care, bas i think i found the key to lose weight, one meal a day until i lose the weight!

welcome to my blog

libero anima said...

5air-ha eb '3airha inshalah ..

and about the diet here's a few tips (even though i never did a diet before XD ):

- Eat 5 meals a day
- each meal should consist of small portions .
mathalan ( breakfast : toast and a banana, then u eat a few fruits for brunch, eat a turkey sandwich for lunch .. etc.. )

- walk.. walk .. exercise.. and walk some more..
-btw reading also burns some calories..

aham shaiy is when u exercise don't stop .. cuz then ur muscles will get loose again ..

hope i helped !!

think-become said...

libero anima: welcome to my blog, thats what i have been doing for the last 10 months and i lost half my weight. now i need to lose 7 more kilos bas mo rathy yanzil bsir3a!!! i mean i am losing them bas in a very slow motion!! i am exercising these days, fa inshalla i lose whatever is left so i can be in perfect shape.

Neon Halo said...
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Neon Halo said...

من صجك هيئة الإستثمار؟! واااسطة
و عشتو بعد يعطونك دورة سنة بعدين يقبلونك ولا لأ

وين قاعدين الكونجرس؟ شدعوه شدعوه شدعوه

لازم تدور لك واسطة بس صدقني خيره
و بالطقاق اللي يطقهم اللي يطقهم إهما ويا هيئتهم

بس ما تبي قطاع خاص؟

ليش ما تقدم على الفيفا