Thursday, December 11, 2008

7addy m3a9ib

so, ana 7addi mitnarfiz ilyoum.. im sitting at home and i have decided to invite my friends over and eat dinner from wasabi at home..

 i was so sleepy yet wanted this yam3a to happen. i invited 4 friends over, one said he's going to be late and i knew he wasn't going to come.

the other three were out with each other bas they had to come early because one of'em has real mdrid game to watch at 10:45.. so he would have time to eat dinner and leave early to catch the game..

 9arat 9:45 chaan idig 3alai N.. and he said: flaaan shrayik tiyee ma3ana il gahwa or diwaniyatna 3ashan to watch the game.. 

i told'em i cant since my sister is home alone and i cant leave her.. bas they didn't seem to get it. 

3ad kint mzahhib il chaaai and the green tea oo wayid ashya2 oo mrattib il mukan.. a5ir shy they didn't come nor call, bas they sent a message telling me come to the diwaniya..

 thank god i over slept and didn't read it at the moment it was sent because i would have been so furious about it.

i know they do not intend to be mean, but from my perspective, and im writing from my own point of view, its rude to be invited and not show up..

3ala il3umoom i dont hate them, i actually love my friends, bas its good to let things out and not keep any matters m3aliiga because it will only make it worse.


till next time,



libero anima said...

aaaw . ma3alaih lat3a9ib, it happened to me alot of times ..

bss yeah it's good to let things out .. =)

Think-Become said...

ee i always let things out these days ma akhish ib galbi shai... im fine now, we went to zeit oo za3tar marina mall and had breakfast there..

Anonymous said...

Dont take it on your heart!!! shit happens..

Think-Become said...

amu dont worry its not anymore..

welcome to my blog... or have i said this already in a previous post before? i dunno heh

A Journal Entry said...

i know the feeling.. oo u r right .. it's rude.. ya3ni 3al aqal lazim il nas ti7tirim enna il wa7id misti3id lihum =/

Think-Become said...

A journal Entry: ee walla, bas i know they do not mean it although wagt-ha kan ilwath3 enarfiz!

Mar8adoosh said...

i hate it when this happens ! Happened to me last week so this week when they called i skipped hehe ;p

Think-Become said...

i can never skip, a7ib ilyam3aaat.