Thursday, November 6, 2008

my place of meditation

the best place i could think of that makes me relaxed and quiet is our kitchen! i love to cook food and preparing the food for dish just makes me happy because i know that there is an end result with a delicious taste.

i shifted my habit from eating to cooking the food which is totally better! chopping the food before starting to cook is a destress tool for me, as if im letting go of each annoying thing i have in my mind and my surrounding.

what about you, shino ilmukan illy you prefer the best for relaxing your mind and body? and why?

i'd love to hear from you to see the differences of how people like their quiet moments. do you like to be alone or with people when you're destressing? personally, i like to be left alone in the kitchen.

my best friend is out of the country for 4 months and someitmes it gets boring without him... ma t3arf qeemat ishakh9 illa when he/she leaves.... 3ala il 3omoom tirja3lina inshalla bsir3a oo e6oof il wakt bsir3a 3ashan nshoofik

till next time



A Journal Entry said...

ma tafgid '3aly =)

ManalQ8 said...

بالنسبة للانسان
ما اتوقع في احد يحب العيش وحيد
الانسان اجتماعي بطبعة

ومع لكن كبيرة

في لحظات يحتاج الانسان فيها اما انه يتكلم مع اقرب الناس له
او ان يختلي بنفسه

بالنسبه لي
افضل وقت
هو الجلوس في الكافيه الهادئ مع كتاب محبب لي قرائته

البحر للمشي والراحة النفسية


eshda3wa said...

i recently discovered how therapeutic cooking can be
i fell in love with it

i definitely like to be alone

think-become said...

a journal entry,,, thank you, ee walla inshalla ma77ad yafgid anyone.

Manal, by the way esmich mithil esim e5ty, 6ab3an ma77ad e7ib e3eesh broo7a, oo 9a7 kalamich inna fee awqaat mo3ayyana e7ib il wa7id yig3ad broo7a, kho9oo9an lamma efakir ishakh9. ana a7ib ag3ad il9ub7 oo ashrab gahwa in avenues wayid wanasa oo hodoo2, jarby tro7een hnaak.

Eshda3wa: wanasa, what do you like to cook? ana a7ib inventing new ways of cooking and trying different spices with different kinds of dishes.. a5ir marra sawait a dish feeh la7am basically ni99a kint 5al6ah ma3a sage(maramiya), oo inni9 ithany ma3a rosemary, ilrosemary 7ilo wayid bas ilsage gave it a different yet exciting taste.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i just go for a looooooooooooong drive....o a5temha by sitting by the beach in a nice queit place where theres no like a charm! =)

think-become said...

hmmm i should try it sometimes.. i only sit on the beach when im in the chalet oo its bery relaxing..

ManalQ8 said...

salmey 3ala semety

o lama arja3 el derah
insha alah aroo7 el avenuse in the morning

think-become said...

i will ra7 asallim 3aleeha, bas im a guy and not a girl so sallim and not salmey :D

na9oori said...

yaa galllbii!!! LOOOOLLLL inshalla yirja3lik ur friend bill salamaa!! oo tig3ad ma3ahom lain i6iig chabbdik! ;PPP anna mitwaakid ina ohma ham walhaneeen 3aliik bill 7ail! ya7laiilikk min kalammikk 7asaiit inik fi3lan walhannnnn oo 3alla gallbi!

think-become said...

nasooooor, hahaha, speechless