Monday, December 29, 2008

im so pretty, very pretty and witty, taraaaaaaaaah

before i begin the post, the Title is a song that i heard in Anger management movie starring jack nichilson, and adam sandler.

My passport finally finishes tomorrow, so there is a chance to apply for masters for this January.. al7eeen the loyaa begins from recommendation papers to everything else. Bas I’m happy because I get to finish my papers.

We took this picture in July of this year, we were so happy so we decided to jump high and take pictures. We took a lot of pictures and I picked this one because it’s blurry and no one would recognize the faces!! I’m the one on the right...

Sometimes I look back at those days and remember how much weight I lost! youmkin from this picture I lost more than 20 kilos bas who’s counting right?!!!
دعاء السنه الهجريه الجديده:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم من قال أول محرم اللهم أنت الأبدي القدير و هذه سنة جديده أسألك فيها العصمة من الشيطان و أؤليائه و العون على هذه النفس الأمارة بالسوء و الإشتغال بما يقربني إليك يا كريم قال الشيطان أيسنا منه و يوكل الله به ملكين يحرسانه تلك السنة. (اللهم اغفر لي و لوالدي و المسلمين و المسلمات الأحياء منهم و الأموات)
I'll see you all in new year's eve inshalla with a miniature post.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

and so pretty...
That i hardly can believe im real



I love that movie. It never fails to entertain me, no matter how much i watch it =)

Oo tra if you lost 20kg mn after this pic, then i think enk e5tafait al7een lol
U werent fat at all!!

PS: ma fehamt shino el A.M. Eli a5er shay?

Think-Become said...

my initials :P

A. Al-M.

i still need to lose 4 to 5 kilos thats it.. i was so much over weight, bas in that picture i had lost a lot of kilos..

i love this movie too...

Livingmylife said...

the picture 3ajeeba! wmwafag 3ala the masters!

Pink Cubes said...

I love the picture! Wish if I can take a picture like that! InshAllah you'll lose the weight.

Good luck with the masters my dear =) w minha lil a3la InshAllah:D

Pink Cubes said...

Ooh and talking about the movie.. kilah I skip it when I see it on T.V. ma a7eb Adam Sandler :S

And to me, Jack Nicholson is crazy bedon la yesawi shay, shayef The Shining?

PaLoMiNo said...


desertpalms said...

hehehe funny song ;p

good luck on the application!

and dude..u look thin already..and you lost 20kg from that pik!! =/ =/ =/

keep yourself healthy..dont let ur blood sugar level fall again tarra its very dangerous =/

me's very worried bout this dieting!

Nemo said...

i wanna jump too lol
great pic :p

Think-Become said...

living my life: thanks, mashkoora ma tga9reen

pink cubes: thanks, you can take a picture like that its easy just jump high and let someone take your picture!

i didn't see the shining is it nice, and you must see the movie.

palomino: thank you honey :)

desertpalms: yeah it is a funny song, and yeah i need a bit of luck in the application!i wasn't think bas il blurriness of the picture made me look thin, now im thin :P dont worry im healthy these days and watching myself closely :)

thanks for caring, i feel special now (A)

nemo: jump, jump high and feel the happiness!! thanks :P

Hottie said...

Maybe the picture is verrry blurry, but you certainly didn't look like you needed to lose 20 kilos. Good job though : )

Neoark said...

that is originally
west side story - i feel pretty

p.s. gay means happy in that song

Ra-1 said...

LOL 3ajeeba e9oora :)

-mate said...

ana bas at5araj, anagez akther minich!

A Journal Entry said...

loved the pic!
makes me wanna take my own ;p

oo allah e3eenik 3al loyah!

Think-Become said...

hottie : thanks, bas dont let the picture fool you... i had a big belly then!!

neoark: yeah i know that gay means happy in this song bas i didn't want to write mali khilg to explain it to people or to let people understand it in a wrong way. :)

Ra-1: thanks, 7addy kint mistanis

-mate: inshalla itta5arraj o tangiz akthar minny oo tistanis more than ever,

by the way im a guy and not a girl!!

A Journal Entry: thank you, ill help you take it, ee wallah mali khilg illoyah

-mate said...

sorry bro :/

ana sheft el7alaw, seems to me like a girly hand!

oops that embarrassing

Think-Become said...

everybody says i have a girl's hand in the picture because im white although i have really big hands, thats ok :p