Monday, November 3, 2008

addash kan fi nas 3al mafraq tuntir nas.. oo bitshatti iddineee!

raining and raining and raining and still raining.. wanasa.. it is finally raining.. winter 3ala il abwab and im really happy that it has arrived although i worry from the food and our routine in winter... akilna oo ga3datna itzeeed therefore sha7am here and there comes along!

hal ayyam haab ib "the Lounge" illi bil bidi3, ga3dat-hom wayid itwannis oo il7ilo feeha inna its quiet. lamma e9eeer iljaw ba3ad shwy abrad, i advise you people to go to "Astra Lounge" and sit outside bil jaw il7ilo. its in ishi3ib il b7ry

for some reason, ilyoum eshiwari3 hadya, mo mithil kil youm, it might be the rain and if it is i hope it rains everyday 3ashan ekoon eshar3 fathy shwy, thba7atna izza7ma.

kammiyat il ghaba2 these days in waiters and waitresses are increasing ib 6areeqa mo 6abee3ia. walaht 3ala il ma6a3im hal ayyam killa lounges and cafes bas ma gomt aroo7 ma6a3im, shakly baroo7 slider bacher!

moqabalty bil hay2aah is on thursday so wish me luck people, its at 9am, madry shlooon bag3ad. its weird inna il7emdilla i feel ready for the interview although most of my friends whom are applying are worried and anxious.

what have you been doing in your life? tell me.

till next time



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i've been sinigngggg in the raiiiiin =D

good luck with ur interview =)

think-become said...

allaaah wanasa, what is the song?

thanks, they just called today to postpone it to next sunday :s

PaLoMiNo said...

Lash il kil mestanis 3al rain?? eeeew ana mlw3 chbdy o a7es il jaaw KA'EEEEEEEEEEEB ;X

I want sunshineeeeeeeeeeee ;r

o emwaafg bel interview on sunday :)

think-become said...

because after the rain comes great weather thats why i like the rain!!

inshalla, allay yesma3 minnich inshalla ill do good in the inteview, im prepared!

A Journal Entry said...

oh i love the lounge il bidi3!
their pizza's are AMAZING.. a very thin crust and em7amishah.. just the way i like it!

oo 6ab3an ta5timha eb a7la choc fondant.. they really do serve the best fondant i've ever tasted here in q8..

heheh chinna eshta6ait eshway?!
hmmm .. i guess it's bcoz i'r really hungry right now..

think-become said...

they do have the best crusy pizza bas i haven'y tried their fondant because im sort of watching my weight bas ill order it next time and have a couple of dips..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

kil ta25eera feeha 5eera =)

let us know how it goes =)

heres the song:

enjoy...o sing weyay next time it rains ;)

think-become said...

will do, will do, going to listen to the song now