Sunday, December 21, 2008

this song is stuck in my head - daily life routine

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances

wondering in the night. what were the chances
we'd be sharing love before the nigth was through
something in your eyes, was so inviting
something in your smile, was so exciting
something in my heart, told me i must have you

till the end of it.......

i used to sing this song back in 2006 and i stopped and suddenly yesterday i began singing it again while i was at kaifan's starbucks, kan za7ma oo killish ma kan laha da3i roa7ty.

i thought it would've been quieter since i needed a change from staying at the diwaniya!

i took this picture 2 weeks ago while i was at the edge of boredom an eating the M&M's illy ma3a peanuts which i dont like bas a7ib shakilhom!

what can kuwaitis really do in kuwait? ya3ny fee shy specific to do that makes you happy? or is it only gatherings and restaurants that are the current destinations for having fun in kuwait!!!!

ana ilyoum baghayyir jaw with a group of friends, and hopefully i'll have fun inshalla!

till next time,

think so you can become whoever you want


`~MnO YeNSa! ~` said...

Strangers in the night

wo0ow 3la el mode
great song
i adore it
a7s`haa mode ebro7haa

have fun o enjoy every moment
with them ....

A Journal Entry said...

eee i pve m&ms' colourful sugary coat akthar min il chocolate itself.. 6a3mah a7la!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

le2asaf mako ay shay thany momken tsawy bl kuwait '3air takel oo teshrab oo drive around oo walk in malls =(

if you want a quiet cafe, go to starbucks shamiya (the mall is za7ma bs no one yeg3ad eb their starbucks) oo church oo d3iya oo bed3 el floor eli foug usually fathy

oo ako coffee bean eli 9oub slider station hamm 7elo...e9eer za7ma belail bs eyanen nowadays cz ako ga3da hadya bara so you can enjkoy the weather =)

oo etha you find anything useful to do eb hal deera let me know! im bored as hell too =(

desertpalms said...

love sinatra..<3

doobi doobi la la la

hehe its in my head now!

u dont like m&ms!..enzein then can i have the blue one pleeease? =D its my fav cuz its makes ma tongue go blue hehehe a good book..dl a movie/go to the cinema...ps3..sit with ur family and chill with them..take a nice long walk with ur ipod =)

Think-Become said...

mno yensa:

7adda my mood mo 6abee3y today, oo yam3at my friends is now on tuesday and not today :S

journal entry: offff 7adda, and sometimes i buy them just to let thm melt in my mouth and then throw the peanuts out :p

Dana: i think the chalet is the best place you could go to in kuwait, or yam3at ur friends, thats about it. kil mukan za7ma oo im sick of coffe shops!

desertpalms: frank is the best i know! doobi doobi do oo, lalala la la, la la la la yayayayay:P

ill buy you a whole of M&Ms :P bas deerbalich takleen wayid so you wont gain weight :D

my family is out of the country except for my sister and im making my self useful my doing what i always do which is research.. i love research papers! im currently researching in my field of study which is marketing to stay up to date.

desertpalms said...

*goes to youtube the song cuz its been stuck in my head for 20mins *

woow, a whooole pack for mee? =D

*does a lil dance, yeaaah baby*..tarra thats a promise im gonaa hold you to muahahaha JUMBO pack pls =D

LOLL at gaining weight..thankuu Mr Dietician i will take ur advice ;)

*bare in mind ive had popcorn, pizza, potato wedges aaand lots nd lots of cookies today i duno if it makes a difference* hehehe

go and bond with ur sister! =D she'll appreciate the quality time with her big/lil bro

eshda3wa said...

theres always something to do !

hope u have funn

Think-Become said...

desertpalms: hehe, waih, ana msawi rijeem 9arly sina now and lost almost 70kilos!

im the youngest so i would be her little bro, and she works so i hardly ever see her!

eshda3wa: ee you're, ill make myself busy, thanks i hope you have fun too in kuwait!

Ra-1 said...

بالنسبة لي الوناسة مو بالمكان إلي نروح له
as long as I am with my friennds, we can have fun even if we are at home and didnt go out :)

M&Ms !
بشتري منه اليوم شوقتني :p

Think-Become said...

ee wala ra-1, happiness is with friends.. yeah M&Ms :P bil 3afia

libero anima said...

even though am a chocolate addict ,, bss i hate M&M's .. it tastes like an empty plastic bottle of Cola =p

hmm .. it's the same here .. malls .. movies .. malls .. and more malls .. the weather doesn't help to do other kind of activities in the summer..

bss laneh it's winter now we go to el br .. it's really fun .. and lots and lots of family gatherings.. and the marsa and madinat jumaira .. so we do most of the things in winter ..

oh oh .. and we r recently m3algeen on ice skating .. it's an amazing activity ..

Think-Become said...

waaaaaaaih, shakbaaari ice skating :P

i do not know how to skate, i mean i do bas i can't because of my flat feet!

libero anima said...

as if i knew how to ? .. but i learned ..
even though i fell a couple of times =p ...

Neon Halo said...

You know my favorite place now in Kuwait to hang out in is Jarir's Bookstore.

As for M&Ms.. I don't like it ;$
I feel yeqith too much lol

By the way, what diet did you choose? You made it by yourself wela you went to a doctor?

think said...

libero anima: i was fall on my knees!!

neon halo: i did my own diet ma3qa 3amaliyat ta7zeem

think said...