Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samri - Dance - wearing my rolex

I want you guys all to sing and dance while listening to it, whether you’re a guy or a girl, knowing the fact that there is a specific way of dancing for samri, and guy's dance is different than girl's, ilmohim enjoy the songs.

Dance, baby  dance and dance a bit more…… :D


To change the beat a littile bit listen to this, it’s a song that I absolutely adore, and I got the name of it today from my friend hamad!!!! Thank you Hamad, and im already missing you Nasser!!

I know, I listen to totally different styles of music, actually I listen to all kinds of good songs!!!


i got tagged by se7en to post a photo, im gonna cut the tag short and post a photo that i laugh on whenever i see it and im not tagging anyone, or better to tag anyone who wants to be tagged






bonajim said...

ya 3ain hely :( kfaat o wafaat ya borzaig its exactly what i wanted

Almost Twilight said...

3ash borzaiga ;)
samri is the best

shino b3d samri songs u like?

On-The-Rocks said...

bonajim, 7abeebi this song is basically talking about you :D

almost twilight: i like this


On-The-Rocks said...

bo najim and almost twilight this is a dedication:


Anonymous said...

for some weird reason ur blogg isnt loading properly on my laptop..i cant see the vids..but im guessing u mean the wiley song ;p

check out his new song.. cash in my pocket.

Neoark said...

i want see girls dance!!!

Hottie said...

bu nancy, hahaha.

I never really liked arabic songs, so samri's are pushing the limit for me, lol, but wearing my rolex was a big hit the last summer I came back to kuwait.

On-The-Rocks said...

Desertpalms: 7a6ait samri 2 songs and one riley's song... and yeah his new song is amazing, but this song is stuck in my head for some reason

Neoark: travel, and go to clubs

Hottie: samri is a good type of music that you should indulge yourself with.

bonajim said...

shoftah tajly hemoomy wel kedar tha7ketah wala teser il nathreen kamel aw9aaf ma7booby gomar yes7ar il 3eshaag alaaaaaaah ! u just made my day borzaig ! o laa to top it all off 7a6atly il bosheya ! alaaah ehadaaak esawaaat feeeny

Anonymous said...

lol @ the last pic :P

Abdullah said...


F. said...

It is a lovely style...
Thanks for sharing.

A Journal Entry said...

i love samri.. sometimes i think i'm must have been born in the past oo transfered into the present! chinny 3ayoozah!

Ms. D said...

imshaghla all 3 videos! 3ajebny solo elkaman yel3ab background eb wearing my rolex ;p tara soon btser habba btshofon hiphop samry ;p

*high on one aero bar*

Eng_Q8 said...

المشكله عبدالنبي وبو نانسي

اشلون تركب ؟

libero anima said...

i prefer dancing to the rolex thing song .. although i don't know anything about dancing =p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

bo nancy ;Pp

S E 7 E N said...

i never liked samri .... 3adi oo samrat bss :)

On-The-Rocks said...

bonajim: athab6ik

Amu: yeah it is a stupid picture

Abdullah: ee 7adda halaga!!!

A Journal Entry: bil 3aks mo 3ayoza but rather t3arfeen bil thouq oo i66arab il a9eel ;)

Ms.d: walla haven't tried listening to them three at the same time, bas inshalla will try it.

Eng-Q8: ma tirkab!!!!

libero anima: yyeah the rolex song is amazing.... the way he says usually drink usually dance' is so deep and thick, i love this brit-thick accent

Dandoooon: ee 7adda ma eloog il isim ma3a his real name, youmkin bu 3abbas maybe!!!

Se7en: listen to قومي وارقصي لي و ارفعي البوشية
and you'll like samri :)

Anonymous said...

When that rolex song first started playing on marina fm my sister and I burst out laughing everytime we heard it. It's a silly song but at the same time it amuses me :P

Almost Twilight said...

thanks :***
i feel special now ;$

On-The-Rocks said...

elieruby, well its a summer song,,, usually think usuallly daaaaance :P

almost twilight: your welcome :)

Anonymous said...

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