Monday, February 16, 2009


i woke up today, and i have a headache and some stomach ache along with pain in my eyes... enough about me complaining how i feel grumpy....


who likes 'little Britain'? i do, im actually addicted to it, specially the narrator voice which is so deep... 


im working today out of the office to view some sites that my company is building and we as a marketing department has to market....


so, i think im back on track, this is my second day of eating as a normal person and not like a pig!!!


my friend told me that my sister is traveling on may to Lebanon so i think bagi6 wayhy and im going with her!!!


a trip to Bahrain next weekend 25 26 February is under planning, and hopefully everything works out well for me and this trip. a three days trip is just amazing


mish-tihy diyay bil firin ma3a veggies for lunch/dinner at 6pm today, i think im going to call my maid now...



by the way, im definitely tanning this weekend, 3ad yalla 3ad, i have to do it


thats about it,





A Journal Entry said...

Ana eb 3i6lat il 3eed il wa6ani shakly bagatheeha movies!
Any suggestions?!

A Journal Entry said...
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bonajim said...

wala o 6ela3t ment hayen ya borzaig....o tan! get that potassium D into ur body 9eer nafsy achla7 amla7

On-The-Rocks said...

A journal entry: i love matilda, we were soldiers, hocus bocus, three witches, just watch some old interesting movies, marry poppins, little mermaid, lion king, pocahonatas, and so much more

bonajim: ee walla shift shloon, ee tan tharoory, i will get vitamin d this wekend, bas ma ra7 a9eer mithlik my white color is an original color no matter how much i tan i still go back to the same color or at least a close color to it..

Anonymous said...

i tanned 2 weeks ago when it was even colder than now :s cz i really needed a color im really very pale !!

so still im not tanned yet but a at least im not that pale !

have fun getting tanned :-)

Gone Bonkers. said...

i love random posts! awalan salamat w i really wish your plans come through .. sometimes we need change even for a few days, all you need is good company ;)

enjoy the dinner, la t5ali shay fe 5a6rek :)

S E 7 E N said...

yah i do watch little Britain from to time ..... and hope you enjoy ba7rain .. i don't know why but i love that country

Abdullah said...

tan ?? now ? any tips on where will that be ? tanning with real sunlight ? HAH!

Errant said...

u enjoy ur time n have fun .. :)

eshda3wa said...

china eljaw moo mal tanning!

ana baroo7 cairo eb 3eed elwa6ani


and im a fan o little britain too

libero anima said...

dude yeah go to lebanon and bahrain and everywherre else ! live ur life

it's gonna just make u more volranable to wrinkles !

lol ! ..
laa man goo taaaan ! i like tan on guys =p

Aurous said...

tanning now?!! ljaw ma ysa3ed! :D

have fun on your 3eed wa6any weekend :D

Almost Twilight said...

salamat :(

have fun with the tanning ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aham shay yout freind told you abt ur sis leaving ;Pp

On-The-Rocks said...

anonymous: inshalla ill get a light color at least, come tan with me

Gone bonkers: most of my posts are random :P, yeah good company is the best thing, im gonna travel with a good company

SE7EN: yeah, lil' britain is amazing, and i love that country too, i love its people

Abdullah: might tan at my friends chalet or killish killish ashtirik in corniche and ill tan there

ERRANT": thanks

Eshda3wa: not too early to do tanning, bas just a bit early :P im going to cairo in september in ramadan!!! thanks for the invitation :D

Libero Anima: inshalla i will travel to all these places, maybe dubai too, and im so tanning this weekend :P

Aurous: well, ill try to tan i guess, and thanks i will have fun :)

Almost twilight: allah esalmich, thank you :)

Dandooon: yeah oo 7ashaw feeni ba3ad, :P i love my friends and sisters :D i just love them

أحمد الحيدر said...

salamat o tro7 wtred blsalama enshalla ..

ana raye7 lebanon 28 feb enshalla .. 5 days ..

o el ba7ren 30 march 5 days too ..

7yyak :)

klamik 3an eldyay yawwa3ny :)

take care .. regards :)

On-The-Rocks said...

أحمد الحيدر: allah esalmik 7abeebi :) youmkin akoon ma3ak ib safrat il bahrain shahar 3 :P ee ana amoot 3ala iddiyay bil firin!!!

welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...

salaamat about the headache..i get that too if i dnt have tea/coffee inthe morning

if ya wana go someplace where youll get a def isnt the placee to goo ;p

On-The-Rocks said...

i will keep that in mind