Sunday, February 8, 2009

maybe just maybe

There might be a slider called after me in slider station, I gave them the recipe and if they like I’ll have the slider named after mine hahaha..


So, when you order you'd say ill have one Abdulrazzaq.... how funny haa


Its a burger with an Italian twist :P it contains the ingredients of an Italian meal fa inshalla they'll like it.




My friends are currently in a course and as soon as I post this he's going to receive a notification so Hi Hamad and S hahaha


I wan to have an event every week for the bloggers I follow where we chit chat bas online, possibly one of those baraaamij like skype..


This is my update of what is currently happening, and that’s it I guess




P.S. كانت الأيام في قلبي دموع بتجري و هي تحلالك دموعي وهي عمري آآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآه


Ms. D said...

la ekon nafs malat burger co? mara 6alabna o kan staghferallah mayshloon elwaath3 .. bs burger co allah la yzol elni3ma la7mhom chenha kabab gone bad.. mo shy.. we ordered from o mayazlina molya!

On-The-Rocks said...

madri wallah shino kan feeha

Neoark said...

sure thing, just bring the one abdrazag for me to eat in skype ;p

wait does that sound gay? XD

On-The-Rocks said...

no it sounds funny actually

A Journal Entry said...

ya3ni hatha ma3natah enna u had fun eb the bloggers meeting ams.. ashwa =)

Hottie said...

Hey, thanks for letting me know about the change, I used to only check it when I see you in my comment box!

Neoark said...

good, I think you should've saved the recipe later to open a restaurant!

it should be your dream to make the #1 restaurant!

libero anima said...

duuuuuuuuuuuude one Abdulrazaq please .. with extra mayonnaise and some french fries on the side ..

and pepsi ..

i hope they like it =D .. bss how can i taste it ! .. i guess u can always fedex me ? ;p

btw we can use the gmail chat thing .. madry shu esmeh .. we can login using the same account of our blog ..

Anonymous said...

well if ur gona fedex it do libero, fedex it to me toooooo =D i wana tastee it!

ياما هانت لك وكانت كل مره, تمحي
كلمة من أماني فيك وصبري

ahhh =/

*dp goes to listen*

Neoark said...

for group chat, you either make a site and have chat client in it, or you use msn messenger and invite everyone.

I recommend mIRC, best way for group chat, like set a date and time for group chat and we will be there :D

Nasser said...

razoooog tara hamm anna yoo9allni il notification!!! loooll

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aby italian burger =(

On-The-Rocks said...

A journal Entry: ee i had a good time, it was ok

Hottie: you're welcome :)

Neoark: for my own restaurant, i have my own recipes that i keep...and spreading knowledge is not a bad thing :P

libero anima: i will teach you guys how to do it with pictures too when i do it this weekend at home. its so delicious, the creamy taste of it is just amazing, will include all the ingredients food is sent through fedex :P

DP: i love om kalthooom specially lissa fakir... ill try to fedex if i fedex to libero anima

Neoark: i think Skype is the best thing, and the service of it, is amazing

Nasser: i know ya galbi :P its 7aga tanyaaa haha cant wait for you to come on saturday yaaaaaaay :P

Dandooon: ill cook you different kinds of italian burgers, just set the date and time... :) try one of the italia restaurant too, im sure they have burgers bas madry itha normal ones or italian burgers.

libero anima said...

oh maan !

ok that means i actually have to cook ?!
bel3aks i love cooking and can't wait for the ingredients =D

Anonymous said...

How very cool!

"I wan to have an event every week for the bloggers I follow where we chit chat bas online"
Sounds interesting :)