Saturday, February 7, 2009

a tan next weekend

although its not hot yet, i believe that i can tan next weekend from 9 to 5 just to absorb a light colour. i dont tan because i love the color, but i actually do it because i love the process of just sitting and melting in the sun!!!

im going in less than 4 hours to the bloggers meeting, never been there so this is something new to me. I might meet the first blogger in real life! Neoark

i think im traveling next month, bas i dont know where, or with who or when!! i want to travel fora quick weekend, bas etha ma thiba6 ma3ai im guessing im traveling in april where the heat is starting to come fa sharm il sheikh sounds nice


YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TO ABYAT STORE IN SHUWAIKH ITS LIKE HOME DEPOT THAT HAS EVERYTHING YOU WANT. i saw a shower that i liked there so im guessing im buying it and replace my current shouwer...

im waiting for my friend to come on the 15th of february to take a group photo of my friends and enlarge it so i can put it instead of the painting that it in my bedroom. i prefer watching  people i care about that a stupid piece of art

best of luck y'all in your lives and remember: whatever you believe to be true is true for you!!!!



A Journal Entry said...

it's too early for tanning! en6ir cham esboo3..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

chenna its tool cold for tanning? =\

you will FREEZE in the winds! lol ;)

let us know how that meeting goes ;)

Anonymous said...

about ur last post and game recommendations...dude..

three words,
10 letters,


trust me on this one ;)

ooh and as for l'homme..yeppp i knew ud like it =D

hoope u have funn at the meeting..if i was in q8 i wouldve come ;p

the friends portrait is a really nice idea for a gift actuallyy! be using thatt idea =D

p.s it seems like its been a long timee i havnt visited ur blogg, ive misseddd it!

Anonymous said...

missed out the 4 at the end of COD ;p

althouuugh technically its not a letter its a number soo 9 letters and 1 number...bas it doesnt sound as good does it ? LOL

Anonymous said...

enzeeein LAA2 ITS number



Count =/

Anonymous said...

oh and sorry for spamming your comment box

loooool faaaaaashlaaaaa! ;p =$

Gone Bonkers. said...

i don't think the sun is as powerful to give you a color ... it just seems that way :S

On-The-Rocks said...

A journal Entry: i'll see next week if its worth it

Dandooon: the meeting went fine, la inshalla i will tan and not freeze

desertpalms: i do play call of duty, bas im not addicted to it. i did have fun at the meeting. im making a friend's portrait too as a gift for my friend's birthday. answer to the P.S. i missed you too and your comments. and you didn't spam my comments bil 3aks, you compensated 3an the other post hahaha

Gone Bonkers: well, i'll try and will see