Saturday, February 28, 2009

الغز و ما أدراك ما الغز

first of all, in Kuwait when someone says 'baroo7 agiz' it usually means that he's going to cruise around Kuwait in his car or choosing one street going back and forth... أطالعك و تطالعني و أخزك و تخزني و يتحرش و تضحك إلى آخره


6ab3an il7imdilla illy 3afani mabtala fe ghairy illy gamaw ilshabab eloyoon oo ilbint etloooy bishiwari3 shino ma 3indihom bait.


I believe that this word is derived from the English word 'Gaze'


As mentioned in this website,


Gaze, verb (used without object)


1. To look steadily and intently, as with great curiosity, interest, pleasure, or wonder.


Synonyms: Gaze, stare, gape suggest looking fixedly at something. To gazeis to look steadily and intently at something, esp. at that which excites admiration, curiosity, or interest: to gaze at scenery, at a scientific experiment. To stare is to gaze with eyes wide open, as from surprise, wonder, alarm, stupidity, or impertinence: to stare unbelievingly or rudely. Gape is a word with uncomplimentary connotations; it suggests open-mouthed, often ignorant or rustic wonderment or curiosity: to gape at a tall building or a circus parade. 


so, I have came to the conclusion that غز is the same word as gaze, and I’ve said this so many times bas everyone thinks ana ga3id atfalsaf... what do you guys think?


The reason I’m talking about this word, is that I have never seen in my life this much `hailag` in my life, it’s like they were waiting desperately for this holiday to talk freely to the other sex!!! illy libnayya mistansa ina she’s talking to a guy in front of everyone jiddam jam3iyat bnaider!!!!!! Although I haven’t been to the Maseera, what I have seen in jam3iyat lid3imy that has McDonalds is more than enough, believe me!


and the guys, wa ma adrak ma the guys!!! you can all say that basically likwait kilha yannaw!!! ya3ny this is not how you celebrate the national holidays, instead, it should be foam free and people can walk with confidence on the day, mafroooth maseera walking and not by car, mafroooth inna in7is inna kuwait is living as a whole for at east one day, bas il moshkila inna everone is experiencing it as a long weekend....


I’m so sad, that i cant express my full emotions bas i hope the picture ewtha7at likum.





Anonymous said...

9a7 ilsanik .. i agree with u %100 !

it saddens me A LOT to see how low each year those hailag become .. i mean kilmalhum o yet-hailigoun zyada !!

as u said the celebration should not be done this way !!
if they really do like Kuwait then instead of dancing on the streets like maniacs and jumping on the cars like monkeys (il 7imdillah wishkr) we should work hard each in his own field to benefit our beloved country ..
that doesnt mean we cant have fun, yes sure we can but eb 6aree8a 7a'6arya o ra8ya mithl ma tfa'6alt !
and cz of this maseera i was forced to stay at home these past few days just for the sake of being away from the crazy atmosphere!

though my family went to shalaih and the kids went to watch the maseera over there i just prefered to stay at home ..

and abt the word gaze and gazz, i guess ur right :)

libero anima said...

hmm ..
good research about the word gazz .. i think ur right ..

Aurous said...

I don't think the hailag are capable of knowing the word gaze ;p

but you made me wonder where the word came from... and your explanation is the best I could think of :D

I hear you about how sad it is that we think our national holidays are an excuse for some people to act this way...

Neoark said...

excellent work, you never stop to amaze me.

Neoark said...

excellent work, you never stop to amaze me.

-mate said...

your conclusion is very interesting! and i agree with correlation you made ..

t7es 9ar elshbab o elbnat taaaaaaafehyeen ma3a el2saf ..

be safe

Gone Bonkers. said...

Allah ythabbit bek =)

and i never related "gazz" to "gaze" ...

eshda3wa said...


i never thought about the word ..

and the celebrations..

a disgrace !

Anonymous said...

my mind wandered at McDonalds


me cant concentrate when me hungry =(

can i have one of your famous burgers?


what if i ask really nicely =D

bretty bretty bleeeeeez, with a cherry ontop? (A)

A Journal Entry said...

i like to think min wain yaya il kalimaat!!

oo 3i6lat 25 26 feb is the 3i6la illy u should lock urself bil bait!!

Anonymous said...

well said..