Monday, February 2, 2009

مقتطفات من يومياتي


my new trial diet that Ms.D gave the idea for it!


the addiction is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! i dont think im getting any sleep tonight!!

can't wait till i finish the seasons so i would be up to date!!! oh im watching lost :P


"faaaaat ahhhh minn 3umri sneeeen ahhhh, sineeeeeeeeeen shofti kteeer kiteeeeer oo aleeeel 3ash2eeeen ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhh, iily ib yishki 7alo  il 7aloooo, willli ib yibki 3ala mawwalooooo, ahli il7ub 9a7eeeeeee7 masakeeeen"(om kalthooon)


in specific places and mawatheee3, i have all the ethics that are there in life, bas when it comes to something that i want to have or i didn't like, i'd twist my ethics to make what i want to have possible!!! is it just me, or do you guys sometimes bend some lines to get to what you want?

i gained 3 to 4 kilos in jnauary and i need to lose them fast, i do not want to be obese again, having lived my whole life as an obese, it is scary to feel that i might go back at any time being over weight and not healthy plus all the depression and unhappiness that comes along....

from tomorrow im having one meal per day, until i lose the weight then ill see what healthy way of eating best suits me to maintain my weight...

im going this weekend to buy M7 ysl perfume that Dana mentioned a lot, i must see what her "thouq" is like in men's perfume..

thats about it..

till next time,



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

loooooool ;)

you wont regret it, i promise!


ambaih, ra7 angeshek mn bain kil el2awadem! ;)

ofcourse it could be any other dude who wears M7 ;)

ambaih that perfume makes me melt wallah, my knees dont sustain my weight when i smell it <3

oh, and hows lost? ;)

bs 9ij 9ij you must tell me what you think of M7! =DD

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih 7addy excited ena i got someone to buy it! t7es chenna i won YSl, mo? ;Pp

Ms. D said...

na9eee7a mn my diet freak to another.. LATSAWE ONE MEAL ADAY! betzed! ull halt ur metabolism and ur power engine will just die..

u need to eat every 2 hours!

do as i do

reyog toast jibn aw labna aw nus fa6era aw wutever cereal aw ay shy

3al 10.30 aw 11.. cup of tea with 3digestive light aw moza aw ay fak'ha tyoz lik

ghada.. 6 spoons rice weya ge63a 7ajm elchaf chicken aw meat aw fish aw 10 pieces shrimp.. aw khubza aw samona o eda3is feha kil hatha

o khaly 3al 3asary aw magharbya tmer aw ay shy like latte aw smoothie aw moz ib 7leb.. ay shy madre.. ana sara7a akil kitkat :p aw maltezers aw M&Ms aw milko wafer :> wayed khfaaaaaaf! o ches el M&M 3ade ag3ad sa3a kamla achakchek feh yalla ekhalis

3asha.. i normally dont do 3asha.. bs 3ade roba.. baskota faj2a 3al 6ayer.. aw ay shy aw khyara aw rob bikhyar

ill b more than happy to provide u with a consistent diet plan... just tell me shet7eb o asawe lek mn aklik system tegdr tsaweh..

the secret is portion control.. and when to say NO ;D

Gone Bonkers. said...

don't think much about the weight issue ... or you know what stress does burn calories so maybe your dieting in a way :S

love the Om Kalthoum bit! these days "Fakarouny" is on my mind *sigh*

On-The-Rocks said...

Dandooon: hahaha, ill buy it and let you know .. lost is going to great

Ms.D: i'm going to follow your advice, with a portion control

gone bonkers: haha yeah i guess stress does burn calories bas i am going to follow a diet.... fakkarouni is amazing

Ms. D said...

good plan..

o drinks always stay away min elsugary stuff.. especially from the living room lounge as i read earlier ina u go there sa3at.. have a cosmo or ice tea with syrup on the side chethy u control amount of sweetness u add and how much sugar u intake

o sweetner.. ur best option is SPLENDA! mitl ma be2olo ( EX- chubby girls made of steel and splenda )

eyanin.. 7alata 7alat elsugar.. o eye sachets or dispenser.. elwa7ed elly zero cal! o mafeh aspartem aw saccharine.. its made from natural sugar called sucralose.. weya azaqziq chay elain agol yamma er7ameeny ;D

fe kitab esma EAT THIS NOT THAT.. o the site:

wayed zain!

y36ek food swaps mofedeeeen!

On-The-Rocks said...

i already am using splenda, yeas it is good, and yeah im gonna stay away from drinks that contains a lot of sugar, thanks.. will check the website too and ill give you an update next week on the results

Anonymous said...

good luckkk with the healthy plan =D

uve mentioned diet and food..what about exercise? u shud go jogging or gym or swimming or take up a sport or something..even though i remmber u said u dont like sports ;p...bas some activity is better than none =D

even if it is just playing on the wii :P hehe

i havnt smelt M7..bas YSL L'homme is V V nice ;)

On-The-Rocks said...

i am going to walk an hour per day

MashMosh said...

Omg one meal!!
Dont Crash Diet Not Good wallah !!!
he's a rule never eat till ur full always eat as if your gonna eat something else after it (but you actually dont) that will lead to reduce the stomach size which will lead to eating less !!

i sounded like a doctor looool

On-The-Rocks said...

mashmoosh im haveing three meals per day with two snack in between don t worry

libero anima said...

good luck with ur weight loss process .. bss dnt stress out too much since its just a few kilos =)

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe eeeee ever since i read it on dandoon's i thought enny i should smell it!!

On-The-Rocks said...

libero anima: dont worry im watching what im eating, i ate 1500 calories today

journal entry, igot it, m7 is a good perfume

Anonymous said...


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