Thursday, April 2, 2009

weekend wa ma adraka mal weekend



im thinking of bunjee jumping, yes im going to try it this weekend.

dont know when, or where, bas inshalla this weekend.


eshda3wa said...


its fun

Neoark said...

so your bored of your life, and want to try something challenging...

nothing is filling, and your dead tired of routine.

there is only one solution to this.

Candy said...

bunjee jumping

W.A.N.A.S.A =D
7athhum el guys esawoon el ashyaa ebdoon 'mawane3' not like us,allah ye5lef 3alaina bas T.T

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

now why were you complaining abt the weekend again? ;Pp

hope you have a great time!

ps: eat 7alwa on my behalf....3ad kint meshtahya 7alwa tawwa this morning =)

Anonymous said...

Have fun :D

Anonymous said...

glad ur feeling betterrr dudee =D

have a great time over thereee, bsalamaaa nshallah

Aurous said...

that sounds cool

On-The-Rocks said...

Eshda3wa: yes the bunjee jumping is fun but bahrain is more fun

Neoark: whats the solution, i thought inna the only solution inna to try travel which i did

Candy: 7adda wanasa, girls can bunjee jump too in kuwait and do a lot of other things, inshalla the same thing will happen in saudi.

Dana: ma77ad 7alwa, there are other better things to do

byteofcoffe: thanks

Desertpalms: thanks, inshalla will do, btw, bring a couple of jackets to kuwait

Aurous: it is!!!

Silver said...

i have always always always wanted to bungee jump

i have yet to experience it!