Thursday, April 2, 2009

im de so so pressed

i feel hurt, a lot of things has happened this weekend that made me the way i am now... i am feeling down and hurt and depressed and everything at the same time..

i get so angry when someone makes a big deal out of nothing, ya3ny tinba6 chabdy lamma i do something out of good heart and good intention ba3dain the other party understands the word or sentence you've mentioned in a totally different way or even throw a coupe of words at you that really feels like someone is sticking a knife in you stomach and twisting it more than once.

 ilmoshkila inna i would never say anything that would hurt a person, yes sometimes i do throw some words while im joking but never in a serious way..... 


what also is bothering me is that when for example i'm asking a question or explaining myself, and the answer is not an answer or a reply to what i have just said, but rather something completely different as if we're competing who is right and whos wrong!!!

ربي لاتكلني إلى أحد ولاتحجني إلى أحد وأغنني عن كل أحد يامن إليه المستند وعليه المعتمد وهو الواحد الأحد الفرد الصمد لا شريك له ولا ولد خذ بيدي من الضلال إلى الرشد ونجني من كل ضيق ونكد



A Journal Entry said...

i hate when that happens..
ya3ni enta tkoon neyitik 9afya when u thunk about it, bs when it comes out in words it's like a disaster!

Candy said...

ya,the feeling when ppl twist our words is T.T
i can't bear it,coz all the problems come after the misunderstanding..
ignore them like they never exist,..
o surround urself with the good ppl not those crap.

On-The-Rocks said...

JE: bas ilmoshkila the word wasn't a disaster bas the reply i got was a disaster

Candy: i cant ignore them, because they are good people, and i still care about them

Candy said...

ahh since they r good
ماله داعي التجريح
i will tell ya wut 2 do;
face them and tell them what they have done wrong to u,thats will make them يحطون اعتبار
عشان مرة ثانية يفكرون فيها
اذا تتكلم عن الصداقات ask me abt it
مريت بصداقات خرى في حياتي
& all i care abt in friendship is respect,honesty and loyalty other than that ma yehmnee @@!
inshallah el 7een a7san ??

On-The-Rocks said...

im much better now, thanks for asking

Ms. D said...

7asby alla wa ni3m alwakeel...

alla la y3oozik la7ad eb yoom.. wala kil shy wala minat elnas

wel ad'ha sharhat elnas!!! WAAAAY shefukik minhaa!!!!

ma teslam lo shetsawe!!

o lo t3teze elnas ham 3al galb :(

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