Tuesday, April 7, 2009

suhi-kw part 2

la2 la2 il akil maqlab istaghfarallah, i've been eating sushi since i was in grade 4 (9yrs old) and this has been by far the lowest quality i've tasted.

yes, Maki restaurant is good in its own way where they introduced their fusion ideas in to their makis, and incorporated what the current market and people is eating and made it based on customer wants.. so basically they are relating to the customer

Kei is considered the best from my own point of view, and then comes Sakura and Wasabi. they are what i call a typical sushi/ japanese food resturant.


it had nothing creative about it, and one of the sauces felt like it had so much smoked cheese, i can even tell you what kind of cheese it was since it was so strong. 

i wish them the very best, bas an adivce would be the following:

either you stick to original sushi , or if you are deciding to have fusion makis and sushis, you should really think what best goes with the makis you're creating. 

have something chithy delicious yet simple... try for example a roll that has crab, salmon, avocado and ginger, then the outer layer should be rice with just a hint of caviar, that would be amazing.

becareful when using the tar tar sauce as it does no go with everthing and everyone's taste.

add a bit of salt to the edamame after straining it from the boil

all of your maki tasted almost the same, try to have a signature taste for every maki to make it unique than the others

try not to put a lot of avocado in each maki as it makes most of the taste of the makis the same

last but not least do the following: a maki that consists of crunchy shripms, on top would be shredded crab with caviar, as for the sauce, it should be a spicy sauce, it doesn't have to be something so complicated,  a simple sweet chilli sauce is just a solution

wish you the best of luck

rating: 3/10

till next time,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


Candy said...

afa T.T
3 out of 10!!
ra7aw we6ee el jema3a etha chee akelhum @@!

Silver said...


you should be like their partner or something! :P

Charmbracelet said...

aa7..=| hmm..my favorite are kei and wasabi=)

desertpalms said...

sushi smmmushi!

never tried itt..so i probably wudnt have known the difference ;p

and mashallah very detailed review..i honestly think they shud listen to you, u sound like u know what ur talking about (not that u dont USUALLY bas e7em e7em...erm...okaay..nvmmm meee :D )

libero anima said...

i say u open ur own restaurant ! =D
i'll be ur first costumer ! =D

Um Mit3ib said...

u compromised ur identity!:P

On-The-Rocks said...

candy: they can do better inshalla

silver: i think i should

charmbracelet: ee i love kei and wasabi bidi3!!

dp: you should try sushi, ee i love sushi and i kinda know what best goes with what

libero anima: i am thinking of openning my own lounge

um mit3ib: yes i did!!

Zabo0o6a said...

Mo geltlek mo 7ilo? haaaaaa?
Btw have you tried Wok N' Roll?

On-The-Rocks said...

zaboo6a, nope i did not

A Journal Entry said...

ana my fav place for sushi is sakura..

Shushu said...

that was ouch :P

Anonymous said...


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