Saturday, April 4, 2009

im back from bahrain

i wanted to go to DJ Vendetta, when i arrived there at bahrain's international circuit it was horrible, it was 90% guys, and the place was smelling so bad so we left!!!!

we left and went to another fun quiet place which was much better. lounges and coffee shops are the best things you could ever go to when traveling or even when you're in kuwait..

ilmohim ill leave you guys off with this song, Enjoy :)

Till next time, 



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

vendetta you say?

me likey =)

Anonymous said...

7amdela 3la salmtk..glad you had a good timee w ghayart jaw

w thanks for the feelgood song! =D

btw whats/whos dj vendetta? havent heard of it/him =S

On-The-Rocks said...

Dana: i like him and his songs too

DP: ee il7emdilla, the song is a amazing :P

vendetta, is a male DJ with amazing techno songs and rave songs oo it suits everyone at anytime :D

Aurous said...

el7mdellah 3alsalama :)

eshda3wa said...

one of my fav 3bdl7aleem songs

o 7mdela 3al salamah

Candy said...

wow,e7em ur life seems interesting,mashallah mashallah :D
& btw am not saudi ^^" am emirate
;D we do have freedom here bas ma
sema3t 3an girls banjee jump here,i must ask about it ;P

-mate said...

chan maryeet 3alay, sharabt chaai

On-The-Rocks said...

Aurous : allah esalmich thanks

Eshda3wa: allah esalmich consider this your gift for your birthday or i might cook something today if i have time, and post it as your birthday gift\

Candy: well ask about it, and the important thing is you do whay you would like to do and not what people are expecting you to do

MATE: 3ad t9addig, lo mit-thakkir chan ashkara i told you in your blog, 7adda it would've been wanasa

libero anima said...

DUDE ! el7imdella 3al salaaaaamaaaa :D

A Journal Entry said...

7imdillaaah 3al salamaaaaah ;D