Monday, April 13, 2009

dont you just love Randomness

- I can’t stay on one template for my blog; nothing seems interesting for me, help!! How can I create my own template, etha you're planning to create a template for me, have the colors of the blog the shade of blue. With water drops and such!!! mino isaweely eyyah, because that would be just perfect!! and for the header, I prefer rocks of Ice ;P

- people are becoming insane in facebook, kil youm oo ilthani somebody is creating a new group oo they invite and you reject and they keep on inviting until you accept, god! Specially the groups malooot il murasha7eeeen, illy malhum ay ma3na...

- i applied for a job, can't say where, bas inshalla everything will go out well!

- I need a new place to go to whether a coffee shop or a lounge but not living colors nor coffee republic nor starbucks..... Personally, I like astra lounge bas my friends hate that place I dunno why!

- Today is the bloggers meeting, and I have just been sent a notification through facebook, it should've been like at least 4-5 days earlier!!

- I’m not sure I’m going, there are a lot of nadwaat plus diwan my family has a gathering every Monday for young people in our family.

- I wanted to go to the axis of evil tonight at AUK, bas all tickets were sold out and I was notified ams at midnight, allah e3awithna inshalla

- I want to be more political bas mu 3arif shloooon hahahah

Till next time,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


Charmbracelet said...

-Inshalla u get the job!=D
-The axis of evil ma e'6a7kooni wayid!=| =P
-Oh I didn't hear about the bloggers meeting

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

my philosophy about politics is STAY AWAAAAAAAY!! STAY FAAAAAAAR FAAAAAAAR AWAY!! ;Pp

no good ever comes out of it ;Pp

eshda3wa said...

i didnt even know the axis of evil ppl were here ..

7ade out of the loop

and im not a fan of randomness

i like everything in order

Candy said...

hii rock,

wain ur previous banner ?? tara a7lan 3an el 7een
I want to be more political bas mu 3arif shloooon hahahah

inzain set with my father o ra7 testwee a7san politician bel 3alam hatha kelah =D

about el facebook;
my friend etgoolee ra7 ten9admain wayed menah coz 3ady etkoneen online weya wa7ed etshofeenah bel youm el thanee,it happened to once,this local dude has upload it his car but ebdoon covering 3al no. faja ba3ad kam youm ashoofah yet7awa6 near 2 my coll. :S
9dj 9dj coincidences,

On-The-Rocks said...

charmbracelet: inshalla, e the bloggers meeting should be more organized.

Dana: e shakli im staying away!

Eshda3wa: try randomeness its amazing!

candy: im coming to dubai in may, i might sit with your dad to learn more about polotics, yeah facebook makes the world a small place to live in

Neoark said...

btw I have no idea they came to Kuwait...

anyway, there is no point of hearing same jokes, unless it was new material!!

On-The-Rocks said...

i think it is new material

CuteandCuddly said...

dont enter politics it will ruin you :(

Neoark said...

New material!?

Ms. D said...

a quiet place for coffee is casper behbehani in watya or burj a7mad..

job...? shaghelny weyak!

Big Pearls said...

coffee republic salmiya:p

On-The-Rocks said...

cute and cuddly, ma ra7 adish politic bas widdi afhamha 3adil

Neoark, eta3awwath the thing inshalla

ms.D, i might try burj ahmad, ana im trying to leave my current job bas mo lagi mukan! il kil mo ga3id ewathif!!!

big pearls: i dont like galleria, i hate it! bas i will go and try the atmosphere of coffee republic salmiya

Ms. D said...

e ma7ad bewathif. Bs faj2a tlagy a7ad yaby (kuwaity yamsik dept elmadry sheno 4 madre ay products aw madre ay line aw ay sharika aw wakel) o ybona ms2ol 3an 3an sales o sale reps o 3um0lat o bla bla. Lil asaf hatha ely mashy soga n0w.. Products o tmasheha eb sog o kon mas2ol! BORING!

3balhom kuwaityen just wana b bosses!! Ana hatha shy men el ashya2 ely 7arreny! Mu ga3 alagey jobs feha majal creativity!!

libero anima said...

DUUUUDE ! IM SOOOO COMING TO WHERE EVER IT IS THAT THEY'RE PERFORMING ! I LIKE WRITTING IN BOLD ! IT'S LIKE SCREAMING U KNOW ! i mean i could be screaming now but u wont feel it .. cuz its not bold !!! =p


e7m ..

dude i looooove politics !! it's like science man ! bss more exciting ,, i wanna major in international relations and politics ! :D :D :D :D ...

PaLoMiNo said...

hahahahahaha ana 7abyt il mooza the most ;p

Aurous said...

- I'd love to create a template for you, bs I don't know how ;p

- enshallah you get the job

- the axis of evil is in kuwait?!

- why do you want to be more political... 7g 3awar el.ras? ;p

Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

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