Tuesday, April 27, 2010

how to become a human lie detector

- look to any discrepancies in what the person is saying.

- a person who's not lying should be relaxed, body gestures should be normal.

- a repetitive hand or body gesture might mean that the person is lying such as constantly rubbing their nose or touching their face.

- if a person is lying he/she usually looks left  when they talk because they're making up the story while they're talking.

- i f a person is telling the truth, the eyes would be looking right.

-some people are professional liars, so concentrate to every detail they say, for example if a person says i went to a Japanese restaurant with friends, you have to ask whom are they? if there were some fillers in the sentence such as ahhh ammm you'll know that they just made it up.

- finally, keep on asking follow up questions until you're certain if the person is telling the truth or not.

love and positiveness,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam