Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer and Drinking Water

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back, after promising that I will be back four months ago. nothing has changed really in my life except i'm trying to be a positive person as much as I can.

Summer is already here, and people are heading to swimming pools & beaches to tan all day long in Kuwait.

Always stay HYDRATED when you're under the sun and keep a bottle of water with you at all time.

Maharish-Ayurveda talked about the benefits of water and why it is essential. I found what was said in PeacefulMoments website, which is a place where positivity, relaxation, and healing are promoted. the following was mentioned as a tip in their front page:

Drinking enough water delivers energy to the body, clarity to the eyes, suppleness to the skin and helps to eliminate toxins Water, when properly absorbed by the body, has several healing qualities:

  1. Helps to remove fatigue
  2. Enhances glow of skin
  3. Prevents constipation
  4. Increases stamina
  5. Provides satisfaction
  6. Helps the heart
  7. Helps digestion
  8. Cooling
  9. Always helpful to the body
  10. Easy to assimilate
  11. Life-giving
  12. Antioxidants

 Thats about it i guess for todays' topic....

love and positiveness,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


الزين said...

يا صباح الخير

انت وين اختفيت

والله انا قلت راح يبطل يكتب

على سالفة الماي انا لازم اعلم نفسي اشرب ماي زيادة
لأني ممكن اتذكر تالي الليل اني ما شربت ماي اليوم
فاشرب كباااية عن تأنيب الضمير بس


نشمور على التنبيه
ولا تغيب

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :) you have been missed buddy :)

On-The-Rocks said...

al-zain: im here and alive! needed a break to re organize my self :)

Amu: thanks Amu... one of the reasons i came back to blogging is that i missed you guys too :)

Charmbracelet said...

Hello !
i love water =)

On-The-Rocks said...

CB.. hi... i'm in love with it!

Lili3 said...

Man, I used to drink water like an addict couple of years ago, I got no clue why I've given that up xD

Anonymous said...

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eshda3wa said...


On-The-Rocks said...

eshda3wa, thanks

Naoko_ND said...

Thanx!Really help me to balance my own diet...

Bliss said...

*drinks water*
I was never a water person, always preferred sodas over everything else, but last week, i changed that about myself, i cut down all kinds of soda's and started drinking water a lot more!!!
I'm so happy 7amdilah, that's definitely an achievement for me :)