Thursday, June 11, 2009

i think i'm back

i tried more than once to upload it fully bas mo rathi yathbu6, i filmed 6 minutes bas kill illy 6ala3 ma3ay 3 minutes, a3tiid kafi loool, the beginning is so funny, this is me sitting on top of my bed


Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


Anonymous said...

3ash 3ash Borzaiga! This is soo cool!

ps. Na3eeeman!

A Journal Entry said...

this is so much easier than reading a post!

et9adig i went there bs ma 7asaitah 3ala gad ili kanaw yitkalimoon 3annah il nas.. it was like any average restaurant.. yimkin ma 3araft a6lib?! madry..
bs il 9ara7a 3indi prime and toast WAYD a7la..

Cooookies said...

Na3eeman !

welcome back =)

Zaina said...

this is much better than reading a post :P

-mate said...

welcome back bo rzaigga

ee wallah this is much better than reading posts ;p

Have a good day

~Blat: said...

i enjoy reading ur blog.. bas now i enjoy watching as well ;p! haha..

i've heard of the early bird, enshalla lamma arid ill try it ;D! have fun eb kubbar.. tan ur self away ;)

Aurous said...

welcome back :)

bs why don't you look at the camera when u talk? ;p

Anonymous said...

I second A Journal Entry :D

Hottie said...

I can't see it :(

Candy said...

wanasaaa! bel video a7la..
ya3nee chee 7e6 mn fatra lai ftra ur vidoe, o nawart my screen =D


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