Thursday, June 18, 2009

working hours of a kuwaiti

this week, i felt like a kuwaiti whos working in a government.

im working a total of 2 hours per day, and the rest im just chilling

the reason is: i finished most of the heavy stuff last week.

tomorrow at noon, ra7 akoon emdawim in starbucks 9al7iya!

tomorrow is AUK's graduation, and im attending.

is it just me or محّد قاعد يسمع حس أي امرأه بالمجلس؟
i can say now that im a liberal, BUT that does not mean i do not pray or i dont believe in god

most people think that being a liberal means becoming against religion, but that is not true. i do belive that what kuwait needs right now are well educated open minded liberals.

kuwait need me!

2018, im running in الدائرة الأولى as a candidate and i will win! theeek essa3 ask me what would be my برنامجي الانتخابي !

till then,

Abdulrazzaq المسلّم


Candy said...

9aaa7!! waydeen ppl think that liberal ya3ne u don't believe in god and religion (and they relate thid word 2 Turkey as
3elmanyeen=liberal)...but its NOT.

2018? wut am i going to be in this year *wondering*

A Journal Entry said...

hahah.. madry laish i imagined us lamman entarasha7 mityam3een eb maqarik il entikhabi oo yaybeen habban o enghani mithil " 7aji zaidaan yallah 9afgoolah fee kil mukan yallah 9afgoolah!"

ray said...

good then I can blackmail u with pictures I got min ur childhood.