Saturday, March 14, 2009

updates on my life

i went to the chalet this weekend, it was hectic yet fun, a lot of things happened which made me have a lot of fun... i discovered something, i suck at janjifa(playing cards)!

i taking my gastric band(ta7zeem, 7alaqa) off next thursday so i'm a bit excited and a bit worried on how am i going to maintain my weight! i'm not so scared of the actual operation rather the needles and the iv im going to have before and after the operation, im so afraid of'em!

my goal now is to reach 85 kilos of weight and i am now 91, so it is not difficult to lose what is left. i decided to give my self till the end of may to lose the 6 kilos 3ala ilra7a, so i can maintain the weight i lost and not gain anything back. the crucial part of losing weight very fast like i did is to try as much as possible to eat very small amounts of food in every meal and stop at around 6ish pm everyday to give your body the time to digest the food and not sleep with a full stomach


my friend nasser is back from lebanon, he is finally back after the stupid corse that he had, welcome back nasooooooor.


coffee republic is certainly an option today at around 8 or 8:30 pm. i wanna see people today!

that's about it,


P.S. the reason im not blogging as much is that i have nothing to say!


Anonymous said...

i miss your frequent posts dude!

hope the op goes well wetgom bil salama inshala in advance =)

A Journal Entry said...

killa min livvingmyliife she intreduced me to nutella hot chocolate and now i'm obsessed about it!!

badra said...

inshalla tgoom bl salmaah
i did it in 2003 yet didn't befit from it.. and would really love to take it out but i don't wana go through the operation again nor seeing my dr

Ms. D said...

malal mo chethy :O

allah y3eenik 3ala ely beye eb 6rejek..

ana chethy ikteshaft ilyom i need to lose 7 kilos 3ashan akon stick thin o bankisir.. o 4 kilos 3ashan akon HAPPY.. so my aim is to go from 67 to 63 eb shahar :(

i know how to diet o kil shy o a3rf shely lazim asawe bs mako el PUSH malat kil maraaa... kila min elmalal :(

Aurous said...

good luck :)
do your best to reach your weight and maintain it :D

and enshallah tgoom belsalamah ^_^