Sunday, March 29, 2009

another kashtaaaaah day?

so this how it did go,

Arrived late to our kashtaaaah place in abdili at like 4ish, had lunch before that in the mazra3aah.

Drank tea, had some sweets and enjoyed the sunset. Then we light a fire. When it was time to go, our friend abdalla moved the car in a wrong way so our car got stuck where it was aroud 10pm.

Er went to the fire station and asked for help! Three people came and helped us get our car through their creative wayys.

The funny thing was ina they directed a prank on us where they pretended ina they were in a fight and one of'em took his pistol out and started shooting at the other guy. We got so scared bas they started laughing so much, 7ada we were punk'd! Later on we went back to the station with them had some teas and snamcks and played some baby foot and had some chats here and there with them. Theyy are good people mashalla! Yhad whilst we were leaving they asked us to pass by them next weekend because they feel so bored there and apparently we were fun hahahaha!

im blogging through my phone so execuse me for the typos.

Til next time,



bader said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


sounds like a ncie weekend ;)

Basma said...

ma asaddeg !!! what if it was true ??! what would you do then ?

yuba dawwerlik 3ala other khasta place wayed abrak.

Neoark said...

nice prank!!

note to self: kill my brother!

On-The-Rocks said...

bader: mabrooook!

Dandoooon: 7adda kan wanasa, it was a good weekend

On-The-Rocks said...

basma: it wasn't true hahaha, i would hit him with the shovel! next week ill goo with you and farah!!

On-The-Rocks said...

neoark: amazing prank

Anonymous said...

They cant do such prank on duty!!! they should be fired honestly its not a joke!

Aurous said...

ya7lailhom.. damhom 5afeef :p

A Journal Entry said...

what amu said is what i was thinking when i read about their prank!!

chinna may9eer!

Candy said...

it may sounds odd 2 u,bas a7san lana fee action o mo'3amarat :D
even when i read it i thought what happened 2 u guys like in USA not in Kuwait T.T

-mate said...

3ash bo rzaig,,
zain sheftoolhom shay ysawoona elba6alya

On-The-Rocks said...

Amu: i know bas thats fine, we had fun a got a good laigh!!

Aurous: ee tha77ikooonah ma3ahum

A JE: haha, they're a bit crazy

candy: ee walla 7adda kan wanasa, we had so much fun

-mate: 3ash mate, ee walla ta7arrikaw il mitay7a min mukanhum!