Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Leech than turned out to be a Mosquito!

I was talking about someone yesterday at work, who's a friend of one of our colleagues. He’s a person like leeches, the black worms that sucks your blood.

I said that leeches are good for the body for a certain time, but they hurt it if they stay on your body for too long. 

When I told my manager about this metaphor and how he's like a leech worm, he started laughing about it. Today the friend of this "person" came to me and told me that my manager told him what I said about his friend.

He started laughing and I laughed too. He said what we really call that "person" a mosquito, comes whenever he's hungry, sucks blood and leave! 

He also added that he has another nickname since whatever our company do he makes the same and wants the same and ask us to do the same! His other nickname is Taiwan!!!

Hahaha, amazing how people look for their interest only and forget what friendship is all about...

Till next time,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


Errant said...

that sucks ! i hate those kinda ppl

Aurous said...

there are many leeches and musquitos out there ;p

eshda3wa said...

well hes obviously not a friend

Anonymous said...

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