Wednesday, September 23, 2009


yesterday, the third day of Eid, i went to the movies at Al Fanar movie theatre. the cartoon is called something something a chance of meatballs! i didnt quite get the name! thats not important, whats important is what happened next.

when the story of the cartoon was reaching its climax, something happened to the video screener, and the movie stopped! haha, imagine, a room full of viewers and suddenly no movie, it was hilarious. try Fanar theaters, you'll like em.

As for the first day of Eid, i went to Iltetto Italian cuisine restaurant. it was my first time trying it. the reason i picked Italian, is because i'm beginning to have a passion for this cuisine. not in the mood to give you a full critique, ill just give it a 7.5 for quality of food, and 9 out of 10 for the atmosphere and specially for the ashtray!

watch this next video, found it on one of my old phones archives.

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


A Journal Entry said...

enzain laish gha9ib yishrab chay?!?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lool!! i'6ahir hal chay mayti6awaf!

On-The-Rocks said...

madry, someone sent it to me few years ago, ethaahir inna when you drink chaai ekoon yabi ya6lib min ilrayyal shy oo the guy ma ra7 yigdar to say know, thats why he's refusing to have the tea

Charmbracelet said...

LOOOOL ! ive seen this video before !!

F. said...