Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Makan newspaper

Has anyone seen Makan newspaper? 

I see that Makan newspaper is like any other newspaper but, it is being published on a weekly basis and not daily like other well known newspapers. the thing that is different about it, is every week, since they have printed and published their first copy, they are interviewing a bussiness man/women then publishing their interview in the newspaper on the front page of it.

I could see that this newspaper is concentrating on some economical problems. Although that this is interesting, there is one small problem. I think that they need to find a system for distributing their newspaper in an efficient way that it already is.

As a newspaper, free weekly, I liked how they approched the segment they are attracting, concentrating on the entrances of malls and providing copies through out the whole week in starbucks coffee shops. beside that, they are seeking to expand the number of newspaper copies they are delivering to companies and specific business people every week.

around 50,000 copies per week are being printed, and therefore 200,000 copies per month, which is an excellent number for a new weekly newspaper.

look at this weeks makan newspaper at any starbucks coffee branch, and look at the last page, you'll find an Ad about Arkan Mall, which is owned by the company i'm working in, Shuwaikh Gate Holding.

till next time,

Abdulrazzaq Al-Musallam


Aurous said...

I haven't heard of this newspaper before!
I'll get a copy if I can ;)

-mate said...

3arafna wain tesht'3el, bayeek ashrab chay o may 3indek :)

On-The-Rocks said...

aurous: get it its good

-mate: 7ayyak ;)

Cooookies said...

we'll pay u a visit:P

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