Monday, November 4, 2013

The Meaning Of A Propper Best Friend

Hello everyone,

I'm back again to the blogging world for real this time. there will be at least one post  a week to start with and if any new topic came up in my mind I will be sharing a second post in the same week .

This time I'm back for good!!!

I'd like to talk about how much is it important to have a great friendship.

Without my current best friend, I wouldn't have merged in to the man that I am today. No one on earth is perfect but, some people are that hard to get along with. I have a character that is perceived negatively due to some personality traits which makes people step further away one day at a time until they disappear. Though, from all of the people that I have known, only one friend saw the real Abdulrazzaq without the shell and covers that were around me or my true self.

the main reason that made me want to blog again is the appreciation, respect, and the debt that I feel towards my best friend. everyone has flaws but they differ from one another where my flaws are hard to disregard but my friend disregarded them to see what's underneath the shell that I had which kept me away from people in an indirect way; as if I'm pushing people away in an indirect way.

I am a person with flaws in my personality like any other person though flaws might differ from one person to the other. Even though flaws in your personality traits are done or said unintentionally, they can still hurt a person. My main flaws are as per the following: I'm stubborn, lazy, interrupts people a lot while they are having a conversation, very talkative, I rage/get angry or raise my voice without thinking of it and sometimes a blabber mouth where instead of making things better, they become even worse that they are already. These personality traits are not an easy thing to pass and let go of but, my best friend did, and have disregarded them because they can be changed, said my best friend. My best friend also added that if I was not a good seed, they would have given up on  me like lots of people did before.

The best thing about friendship is when there is trust, respect, mutual love & care, and when your friend works very hard to make you a better man or woman. A friend should never lie to you and if they did, they would be confronted because a friendship is a relationship that is built on trust. My best friend amazing character, has the ability to make me conscious about what I say or do that is solving the flaws that I have which I do not mind talking about them freely (رحم الله امرئ عرف قدر نفسه)

Without my best friend that I have met back in December 2009, I would have stayed the same old person that people are stepping away from because people usually judge a book by its cover. The only friend that didn't step away or eliminated themselves is my current best friend which helped me and is still helping me to become a better person and the man that I always dreamed to become.

Thanking a good friend is never good enough. Appreciating the friend that is helping me in all of the aspects of my life is also not good enough, even if you buy all the gifts in the world. What you need as a reader,or what I need in this situation is to give back at least a small piece of what my best friend have offered from emotional support in bad times and the consciousness that my friend provided me with through constantly reminding me on the spot if i have done or said something wrong. One thing I have known for a really long time but I have never actually applied, is to start closing my mouth for a change and to work silently where it is known that you must (تقضون حواءجكم بالكتمان) until my best friend asked me through a specific way that always gets to me and I have started applying it ever since.

Whenever I show my appreciation to my best friend for the daily/weekly/spontaneously advice that were and are still vital which changes and is still changing my personality to the better, I always hear my best friend say: What are friends for? Which means that mutual care and respect is apparent between us and I like that. I thought the world of humanity was coming to an end until I met my best friend at the end of 2009.

Having 1000 buddies and a lot of acquaintances is nothing compared to having one trustworthy friend that actually cares about his or her friends by alerting them on any negative act that you might do or did which shows how much a person cares about your well being. If you have a friend that doesn't tell you or advice you between right or wrong, know for a fact that they do not care about you because only friends that gets angry at you for your own benefits and makes you aware of what you've done or doing are the ones that care about your wealth. If they didn't nag, then they don't care about you becoming a better person. 

الله لا يغير علينا ان شاء الله و يتمم هذه الصداقة و إن شاء الله الكل يرزق بصديق حقيقي يقدر الصداقه و يرفع من مقدارك

Id like to end with the following quote:

المرء على دين خليله فلينظر أحدكم من يخالل

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the way you are and helps you to become a better person.


Abdulrazzaq Al Musallam


P.s. I miss you Bloggers all so much and I hope I keep my promise of being active again on my blog because I miss all of your posts and writings, Till next time.